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    No, TSA, I will not lift my skirt for you.

    Yesterday, I arrived at the airport to head from Houston, TX (IAH) back to Washington, DC (DCA). I am a frequent flyer – I know how the system works. I took off my boots and glasses, pulled my laptop out and went to walk through the metal detector. Naturally, I’d been selected to go through the scanner. I always opt out of the scanners. It’s | Read More »

    Elizabeth Warren: All your business are belong to us.

    Elizabeth Warren. She’s running against (and by some polls, is ahead of) Scott Brown in the Massachusetts Senate race.  This week, Warren made a statement that is terrifying and, well, just wrong. First, watch the clip. That’s right. According to Warren, there are no “self made men.” No one has actually earned his fortune on his own because the government made it all possible. In | Read More »

    Why Wisconsin Matters

    When Governor Scott Walker and the Republican legislature were elected, the state of Wisconsin was over $3.8 billion in debt. The people of Wisconsin elected them to fix the problem. They elected them to create jobs. That is exactly what they did. Last month, half of the jobs created in the United States were created in the state of Wisconsin. Half. Think about the magnitude | Read More »

    President Obama gets in touch with the little people in Twitter town hall

    … And by “little people” I mean Speaker John Boehner and NYT Columnist Nick Kristof. Speaker Boehner’s question read “After embarking on a record spending binge that’s left us deeper in debt, where are the jobs?” Obama kicked off his answer by saying “Well, obviously, John’s the Speaker of the House… he’s a Republican, so this is a slightly skewed question.” Maybe it would be | Read More »

    Make room for the new guys, Newt.

    It’s no secret that Newt Gingrich has had his eye on the White House for several Presidential cycles, and has been waiting his turn for the nomination. Thankfully, his recent flameout has pretty much eliminated his chances. However, it has been a long time coming, and it is time to remind America that Newt isn’t so much on our side. Let’s start things off with | Read More »

    Pennsylvania’s Battle for School Choice

    A long time proponent of school choice legislation across the country, FreedomWorks* has joined a large coalition of school choice advocates in Pennsylvania to push back against the teachers unions on the state’s first viable school choice legislation. Championed by Senator Tony Williams (D) and Senator Jeff Piccola (R), the bipartisan bill will start push for school choice legislation across the country, as well as help | Read More »

    Majority of Republicans Would Support a Third Party

    Talk of a third political party in the US, usually spoken out of frustration, has long caused heartburn for Republicans and has been pushed away as taboo. It seems, however, that the minority has become the majority. From a new Gallup poll, via the Hill: The number of Republicans who said that a third political party was necessary was at an all-time high since Gallup | Read More »

    White House Puts Out Feelers on the Transportation Opportunities Act

    Via The Hill: The Obama administration has floated a transportation authorization bill that would require the study and implementation of a plan to tax automobile drivers based on how many miles they drive. It’s called the Transportation Opportunities Act, which is very ironic because I’m not sure of one opportunity that this would provide for the middle class Obama seems to keen on assisting. If | Read More »

    Breaking: Indiana will become first state to defund Planned Parenthood

    Mitch Daniels has been ahead of the curve since he kicked off his term by signing an exective order banning collective bargaining… six years ago. He has since drawn the ire of many pro-life advocates with “truce” talk… a political misstep that has overshadowed his perfect pro-life record. Today, Mitch is again leading the pack by making Indiana the first state to defund Planned Parenthood. Via USA Today: | Read More »

    Governor Kasich on Obama: Why doesn’t he do his job?

    Ohio Governor John Kasich recently signed controversial Senate Bill 5, which restricted the much-abused collective bargaining power of public sector unions. The bill, similar to what passed in Wisconsin, inspired a similar level of vitriol from the unions and supporters. Obama jumped into the conversation earlier this week saying “public employees should not be blamed for a financial crisis they had nothing to do with | Read More »