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    Dems pass PAYGO, then circumvent PAYGO with help from Republicans

    Exactly a month ago, Democrats voted on the last piece of legislation they would take up before Scott Brown was seated:  Raising the debt ceiling from $12.394 trillion to $14.294 trillion.  Included in that bill was an amendment instituting PAYGO, or a pay-as-you go provision that requires that any new mandatory spending be offset by either a reduction in spending elsewhere, or a tax increase.  | Read More »

    Dear Fox News…

    Please copy & paste this email to Fox News, or write your own. Complaints can be sent to [email protected] (Thanks, ShanPoe!) Dear Fox News: Red Eye — despite airing at 3am and STILL being more popular than the prime-time airing of Larry King Live — was preempted tonight for “breaking news” about an earthquake off the coast of Chile. We know you’re looking for headlines | Read More »

    Obama: “I am a giant hypocrite.”

    So it’s official — Andy Stern, head of SEIU, is now on the supposedly bipartisan Fiscal Commission that President Obama has created (via Executive Order, after the Senate failed to pass it) to examine the debt. Let’s get this straight:  Obama spends money at a record pace, and then appoints a union chief to a panel to figure out how to fix it?  That’s sort | Read More »