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    Her one shot

    {this diary is not meant to depress GOP GOTV efforts. In fact, given the general opinion of people here, I suspect it will only make you work harder come Nov 4th. Assuming, that is, that you agree with my thesis.} I’m going to put forth a thesis that will likely be controversial in this environment. I think if McCain loses Nov 4th that Sarah Palin’s | Read More »


    Effective Arguments

    I’ve mentioned before that I don’t plan to vote for Obama (nor McCain) despite being far to the left of the median for this blog. There are reasons for this. Specific reasons. There are also a great many arguments (in fact a distinct majority) from the right against Obama I find utterly unconvincing if not borderline ridiculous. So here’s a sample of each, do with | Read More »


    Whose money is it (non-2008 election)

    *(First a disclaimer: I’m not a republican. I’m also not a Democrat. I don’t particularly like political parties, and I really don’t like those two. That said when I’m voting I’m a lot more likely to vote democrat, but I have voted for republicans and will likely again in the future when I think the individual in question is the better candidate. I’m not voting | Read More »