Big quote from Stewart Stevens on Romney votes – need help to process

    Romney has been eviscerated by lots over his going back to the 47% well. He cited not once but twice that the reason he lost is because Obama promised stuff and those voters returned the favor. Then we heard many prominent conservatives (Jindal, Gingrich*) take him to task for this. We heard about divisiveness and inclusion, etc. But Stewart Stevens, in his WaPo apologia ( | Read More »

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    Never liked him but completely loyal to Mitt

    Not a long diary really, just wanted to share a sentiment because it kinda surprises me. Mitt wasn’t my choice.  He was my Safety School.  We really need REAL change, which means perhaps a Herman Cain or a Ron Paul.  (I’m not a Paulbot, please don’t boot me.  I just think spending needs a dramatic fix and few proposed it.) But I wanted to publicly | Read More »

    Video: Demint reconciles fiscal conservatism with social conservatism

    I’m no one on Redstate, but I hope that someone that has some pull around here promotes this video.  I just found it extremely thought-provoking. Rave about the video and post it on the front page for me. What Demint proposes here has HUGE potential.  The experience of the GOP in the 1970s, so I’m told, is one of a division between social and fiscal | Read More »

    Obama grants gays visitation rights, and why this headline offends those for limited government

    How many ways can this news story offend me? 1.  Why does it take the President of the United States to grant gay couples the right to visit each other in the hospital?  What part of the Constitution comes close to regulating this?  How did we get to a place in government where this order could be issued without scorn and mockery?  Why is the | Read More »

    Were Conservatives supposed to hate “Avatar?” Not sure if I got left off the VRWC distro

    According to Patrick Goldstein at the LA Times, conservatives are supposed to hate the movie “Avatar.”  I’m really concerned because I didn’t hear this.  I want to make sure that I haven’t been left off the email distro of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.  Granted I’ve been throwing away a lot of RNC contribution requests, but I didn’t think Blackwater and the Carlyle Group were | Read More »

    Funniest paragraph of punditry I’ve read this year

    I created a diary for this even though I don’t have much to say – I’d like to capture rebuttals and see if folks can offer up funnier quotes.  This was posted courtesy Drudge, commenting on the abject failure of Copenhagen alarmist conference slash Al Gore handshake show.  The quote is the last paragraph: If there were not $45trillion of Western citizens’ money at stake, | Read More »

    Pittsburgh’s mayor wants to tax college students

    As an alum of one of the fine Pittsburgh universities I read with glee wunderkind Luke Ravenstahl’s desire to tax tuition in order to make the burden of city services “more fair.”  He has a point – when I lived in the city years ago I remember an amazing stat about something like a third of the property in the city limits having a tax-exempt | Read More »

    Did I win the argument? A funny response from Facebook

    I posted the news story about the UK woman who had to deliver her baby on the street because the ambulance wouldn’t pick her up on my Facebook page.  A healthcare debate ensued.  The last post is below and I wanted to share for grins: “I’m starting to think that conservatives are the biggest [email protected] on the planet, because their thoughts are guided by fear. | Read More »

    Simon Property Group censoring conservative kiosk owner at Concord Mills Mall

    As a stockholder of the Simon Property Group I am shocked to read this story from outside of Charlotte, NC.  A kiosk owner, Loren Spivack, who sells pro-conservative and anti-Obama materials at his “Free Market Warrior” store, will not have his lease renewed after 2 whole letters were sent in complaint to the mall company. I was also surprised to read that the owner of | Read More »

    A Catholic priest is caught breaking vows, thank the Lord with a woman!

    It’s pretty sad when you read about a Catholic priest and are just so RELIEVED that he got caught with a woman.  This, of course, being on the heels of the Archbishop Weakland announcement that he’s gay.  It doesn’t help that Weakland got sacked for being embroiled in a gay sex scandal.  It doesn’t help that Weakland moved around pedophilic priest-predators in the dioscese.  This | Read More »