Did Cameron steal “Avatar” from 1994 Dean Koontz book?

    It took Cameron 15 years to come up with an idea so formulaic, he had to make the characters blue to create difference. Then again, perhaps he didn’t come up with the idea at all. Here’s an excerpt from a Dean Koontz novel from 1994. Hmmm….about 16 years ago. Interesting. To set up the scene (and this includes a few spoilers), a nameless government agency | Read More »

    Nothing but Foxnet

    Here is one tiny piece of evidence, minute really, to reaffirm not everyone on the planet has lost their minds. (the bold is mine) CABLE NEWS RACE WEDS., JAN 6, 2010 FOXNEWS O’REILLY 3,919,000 FOXNEWS HANNITY 2,611,000 FOXNEWS BECK 2,609,000 FOXNEWS BAIER 2,182,000 FOXNEWS GRETA 2,154,000 FOXNEWS SHEP 2,005,000 MSNBC OLBERMANN 1,085,000 CNNHN GRACE 983,000 MSNBC MADDOW 983,000 CNNHN BEHAR 689,000 CNN KING 656,000 MSNBC | Read More »


    TSA: Bombs, okay. Honey, no way.

    From those lovers of reason at Reason.TV, a public service announcement from the TSA. I’ve been on seven planes in my entire life. Only seven. And despite my curly hair, girlish dimples, innocent blue eyes, and angelic heart of gold, I’ve been scanned. That odd wand was waved up and down my body while I looked at my friend sitting in the waiting area and | Read More »

    Jail preferred in midst of global warming

    When the weather gets cold, Joe Baker goes bad.   And I thought I had a lot of bad hair days.

    Obama as Max Headroom?

    Who here believed him? Raise your hands.Why does he remind me of Max Headroom? Jake Tapper from ABC and another reporter from NBC asked Gibbs today about why the President is refusing to do what he so adamantly campaigned to do – broadcast ObamaCare discussions on C-Span. Gibbs won’t answer the question, instead getting testy to the reporters who ask. Ingrates! How dare you question | Read More »

    David Brooks: You’re dumb and I’m smart

    I’ve never paid much attention to David Brooks. I can’t see myself being thought-policed by a man still wearing circular spectacles from 1995. But that’s just me. I’m one of the dumb masses. Brooks has built himself as an intellectual Republican. He disdains the conservative movements. We’re only ill-educated, redneck throngs that his party must put up with to their great dismay and disgust. As | Read More »

    Senators? Read? Nay.

    Hold on. Sen. Max Baucus is giggling and he’s making me giggle, too. Oh the whimsy of it all! clearing throat I’m over it. On a cold day in December, while Americans hustle about their holiday preparations – spending less and saving nothing – a Senator in the capital decided to create a little light reading. Taking the steaming bowl of excrement known as the | Read More »

    The Goracle has mispoken

    Insolence! Do not ask a question of The Goracle that The Goracle will not ask of himself. That’s the first rule of ClimateClub. Truthfully, I was impressed to see Al Gore walking. I assumed he rode everywhere on one of those battery-charged shopping carts. The man burns so much energy everywhere else, I assumed he’d want to practice conservation with his own. He doesn’t take | Read More »

    Constitution? what Constitution?

    This is for all you ignored Constitutions out there. Do bills being passed without you got you down? Do you feel under appreciated by the citizens you love? Did your government forget your birthday? Or show up to the celebration begrudgingly? Do you suspect your government no longer takes it’s vow to you seriously? Here’s how to tell if a Congressman just isn’t that into | Read More »

    Cary, our suave Capitalist

    Mark Steyn wrote a love letter, or at least a respect letter, about Cary Grant recently. It’s excellent, a winding tale of the man’s humor and greatness, achievement and memorable moments. I’m a huge Cary Grant fan. You have no idea how huge. Thus, I had to send Steyn a response. Here is his article. I definitely recommend it. And for you, my committed and | Read More »