What Do You Think They Died For?

    On this Veterans Day I want each of you to ask yourself that simple question and it is a question that really should be asked of every American who inhabits

    Rick Perry Indicted.

    OK, so this is going to be a very short diary because I am not commenting on the facts of Perry’s case. What I am commenting on is that our

    So This is What it Would Look Like

    For as long as I can remember, and I probably can remember longer than most of you, one of the standard opening gambits in discussions about the exceptionalism of the

    Obama is Not a Liar About Obamacare

    A lot has been made about Obama’s statements about if you like your plan you can keep it and you can have your choice of doctors. Rightwingers, who have no

    Adios Herman and Good Effing Riddance!

    From the very first time I heard Herman Cain speak my BS meter pegged. Subsequently, nothing he said nor the way he said it gave me any confidence that there

    An App to Tell You With Which Candidate You Agree the Most

    OK, just for fun but you do have to fess up. Me Newt 63% Perry 60% Mitt27%. Pretty much what I expected.

    In Response to Leon.

    The reason that I’ve chosen to use a diary to respond to Leon’s front page posting is that I believe that my comments encompass concepts that certainly need to be

    Cain Reminds Me of Jimmy Carter

    First, let me make myself clear, I have absolutely no interest in seeing Herman Cain get the nomination. He has shown me nothing but an inarticulate, flip-flopping neophyte who appears

    Are You a Fool?

    Here is what I want in a GOP nominee. 1. Proven ability to win elections in tough environments against worthy opponents and raise the money it takes to do that.

    The Ten Plagues of OBAMAKANEN

    Well, I guess we can add earthquakes to the plagues that “Bad Luck Barry” has brought down on the US.  Gee, a 5.9 quake, that should be good to blame