The DNC Shows Their True Colors (Again)

    In 2007, I joined several Democrat mailing lists in order to keep up with the trash and treason involved in the 2008 elections.  Over time, I never unsubscribed, so I still get their junk mail.  Today a message came from the DNC and Debbie Wasserman Schultz concerning the Colorado recall that really was refreshingly honest. Schultz said – and quote “Yesterday, I tweeted about how | Read More »

    Proof of Global Warming

    Its snowing in College Station, Texas.  Not just snowing, but actually sticking and building up!  This is the first time in the 5 years that I have been here that there has been <i>any</i> snow stick.  My friend says that its snowing in Houston as well. There can’t be any doubt that global warming is occurring – this is proof positive.

    Blackwell running for RNC Chairman!

    Ken Blackwell announced on Facebook today that he is going to run for RNC chair.  (  This is awesome news!  While Steele and the others mentioned would do a decent job, I believe that Blackwell is the top choice so far, especially since someone like Gingrich isn’t going to run. Steele, while a decent guy, is a little too questionable for social conservatives to be | Read More »

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    Priorities of Conservatism in a New World

    Now that the election is over and we have to start looking at our plans for 2010 and 2012, it would be good to examine conservatism and what we can concentrate on in the meantime. E Pluribus Unum started an excellent series on conservatism a while back, and hopefully, will do more in the future. I am not trying to take his place on it, | Read More »