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    Protecting Email Privacy is First Step to Ending Unconstitutional Mass Surveillance

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    You’ve heard of the NSA’s numerous — and likely unconstitutional — mass surveillance programs, but they’re not the only way government is invading your digital privacy. There’s a law on the books that law enforcement agencies, from the IRS to the ATF, have used to justify reading American’s emails and other online communications without having to convince a judge to issue a warrant.

    Ironically, the Electronics Communication Privacy Act (ECPA) was originally intended to protect our privacy against government snooping. But it was written in 1986, back when we were concerned about things like landline voice calls and floppy disks, not cloud storage and cell phone location data. “Email” was still a Compuserve trademark, a fringe service used by few. Because ECPA has never been updated to address modern technologies, law enforcement has exploited its loopholes to conduct warrantless searches of all sorts of digital information.

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    10 Questions for Obama’s Nominee to Chair FCC

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    Today, the Senate Commerce Committee will hold a hearing (at 2:30 EDT) on President Obama’s nomination of venture capitalist Tom Wheeler as FCC Chairman (hashtag: #FCC). As we progress into an increasingly digital economy, the FCC will play a central role in determining the size and scope of government in our lives.  Here are the top ten questions Senators should ask Wheeler:

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