I am a formerly quiet American. A member of what the left calls 'The Mob'. I am not employed pr paid (in ANY way) by any interest group to post here. The opinions here are my own. In fact, I work for a far left-wing media empire here in Phoenix, Arizona. Having seen America at its highs; and now, at one of its lows, I can no longer sit idly by and say "Let the others handle it", and the sad truth is: neither can you. So, eight days after my 49th birthday, I have started to speak out here, and other places. It is certainly a different America now, where one has to actually take into account that the government may come after you if you dare to speak out - be that as it may, I will be silent no more. I will no longer sit by and let them get away with it. The battle is joined, and we need more voices. Don't be afraid, do it. Let your voice be heard, even if it's against what I (or anyone else) believe. It's time for action. The balloon has gone up. The time to act is now.