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    Climate Nut vs. City Ordinance

    Slashdot points to a story in the LA Times (via Hugh Pickens)… In short…a couple decides to save the planet by replacing their grass with wood chips. Only now they face a “maximum penalty of six months in jail and a $1,000 fine for their grass-free, eco-friendly landscaping scheme.” Quotes like this blow my mind: They said they were trying to do something good for | Read More »

    Meanwhile…back at the Joker’s lair…a DoS attack was unleashed

    So…now a cyberwar against conservatives has started. <blockquote>Sources close to the South Carolina congressman charge that hackers have blitzed his campaign Web site with a series of attacks that periodically shut down the page. </blockquote> So…the lefty version of tolerance shows up, again.  And the press yawns, again.  And lefty disillusionment and hatred turns into something sinister, illegal, and, well, acceptable to Obama’s media. | Read More »

    Greenville, Wisconsin Tea Party (July 19)

    Preparation Earlier this morning, my wife left a reunion with some friends in Chicago to be home in by 2.  She was trying to make it in time for our family to make it to a 3:00PM Tea Party in Greenville, WI. The event had been published some time ago on Facebook.  While many Tea Parties were held on July 4, the organizers of this | Read More »

    Medical Tyranny

    The WSJ article Medicare Plans to Cut Specialists’ Payments points out the reality of a government improperly involved in business. Government Administrators get to decide the value of a service. Payments to cardiologists would be trimmed by 11% overall, but certain procedures they perform would see steeper reductions. Alfred Bove, president of the American College of Cardiology, figured that cardiologists would receive 42% less for | Read More »

    WI Marriage Amendment (and its 59% support) could be overruled

    It just came to my attention that a case was just sent to the WI State Supreme Court challenging a state constitutional amendment which defines marriage.  Read a press release (PDF) from Wisconsin Family Council.  The amendment passed in November 2006 with overwhelming public support (better than 59%).  I’m stunned.  The matter in my mind had been settled in 2006.  The people of my state agreed to a key traiditional value | Read More »

    Evil capitalist banker takes advantage of the market…

    …or that’s what we’re told to think.  As we RSers know, markets do work.  Check out this Forbes story (via Techdirt). In summary, a banker basically sits out of the loan market…for 3 years.  In a lengthy article, Forbes notes  Andy Beal, a 56-year-old, poker-playing college dropout, is a one-man toxic-asset eater–without a shred of government assistance. Beal plays his cards patiently. For three long | Read More »

    Unintended consequences – $8B of your money, gone

    Check out this post…turns out to be a great example of why governements aren’t good at giving out our money. A few years back, the government passed a bill to encourage “greener” transportation by providing tax credits for the use of alternative fuels <snip> The paper companies are wasting diesel fuel (remember, the whole point of this bill was to decrease the use of such | Read More »

    2010 Census – the fix is already in

    From the WSJ: President Barack Obama Thursday nominated Robert Groves, a sociology professor at the University of Michigan, to be the next director of the Census Bureau …continuing… Mr. Groves, who served as associate director of statistical design at the Census Bureau from 1990 to 1992, is an expert on “sampling,” the practice of adjusting statistics in order to compensate for undercounting. Elections do have | Read More »


    GIVE/SERVE Act passes Senate…required-service creepiness now part of H.R. 1444

    While everyone was watching GM get swallowed up by the state, actions were being taken to move our kids a step closer to being swallowed up as well.   The GIVE Act passed the house, went to the Senate and was renamed the SERVE Act.  It’s on it’s way back to House to be accepted “as is” before heading to Obama.  I found couple summaries from | Read More »

    William Greider hopes Obama fails

    I was working in the basement and caught a story from Bill Moyers on PBS.  I can’t say I have much history watching him so I can’t comment much on his politics (although I have an impression of a pretty soft, non-confrontational interviewer).  This evening, he facilitated a discussion with William Greider.  I’ve never heard of Mr. Greider before the story so I’ll let Bill | Read More »