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    South Carolina, when is Lindsey Graham running?

    Hey to all the South Carolina conservatives out there.  Can we get Graham out of there?  This guy has taken positions on things that are being to get really old.  He is now calling for Obama to push harder on immigration reform (read amnesty).  I do not live in South Carolina so I don’t know all the ins and outs of Sen. Graham’s track record. | Read More »

    No votes to yes votes?

      There are several stories circulating about 9 no votes on the house side considering a yes vote now on the health care bill.  One of those is my current congressman, John Tanner.  He is retiring so of course he no longer cares what we think.  Not that he did much anyway.  So, I have contacted his office to let them know my disagreement with | Read More »

    Now is the time…

    There is every indication out of Washington right now that the Democrats are going to push through a health care proposal on reconciliation.  It will be attached to a budget bill so it would only need 51 votes.  Sure, going that route will scale it down but it would still be law.  We cannot fall asleep now and let this happen.  I believe as I | Read More »

    Stephen Fincher TN 8th District

    Here in the TN 8th congressional district we are on the verge of replacing a blue dog.  John Tanner is retiring instead of facing the music.  There are a few people in the race, including Roy Herron on the Democratic side.  Herron was running for governor but decided to run here once Tanner retired.  On the Republican side, Fincher is running as well as a | Read More »

    Harry Reid

    It appears Harry Reid has apologized for his ‘no negro dialect’ comment aimed at Pres. Obama during the 2008 campaign.  He apologized in 2010 due to the release of a book detailing the campaign.  He felt so sorry for what he said he waited over a year to call Obama and say he was sorry.  Now, this is the same guy who said Trent Lott | Read More »

    A terrorist with an attorney

      It appears the terrorist who tried to kill innocent civilians on Christmas has lawyered up.  The word on the street is that he is not talking and his public defendant (nice to know we are paying for his representation) is pushing for a deal.  So, this guy goes from a wanna-be suicide bomber to cutting a deal with the United States Government.  Wow.  Our | Read More »


    Which is it Mr. President?

    Is the Nigerian terrorist an ‘isolated extremist’ or part of an Al Qaeda plot?  3 days after the attempted bombing on Christmas Pres. Obama made the claim that this nut was an isolated person.  Now, after gathering and reading the facts he has acknowledged he was part of a larger plot. Instead of waiting until he had the information, he jumps the gun.  Just like | Read More »

    There is evil in the world…well, only if Obama says so

    Last night I turned to the worst show on T.V., the one with the former ESPN sportscaster who couldn’t make it with them so he turned to being a liberal t.v. guy.  Anyway, his buddy O’Donnell was guest hosting and had Fineman from Newsweek on discussing the President’s peace prize speech.  They went back and forth about how some of it sounded like that evil | Read More »