You Might be a Left-Wing Extremist IF….

    During the last week or so I have been thinking about how our government is targeting and labeling citizens who have religious beliefs and believe in the sanctity of human life for both the born and unborn, as right-wing extremists. Here is something I came up with that is a combination of the truth and a spin-off of Jeff Foxworthy’s You might be a redneck | Read More »

    Notre Dame: Slap in the Face to ALL Pro-Lifers

    Notre Dame administrators are honoring Barack Obama by inviting him to make the commencement address and will award him an honorary degree.  Just because he is President doesn’t make him the best person to be giving the commencement speech or receive an honorary degree from Notre Dame, which is a Catholic university.The Catholic Church stands up for the dignity of all human life, from conception | Read More »


    The Obama administration is promoting the devil’s work.  They want to take advantage of the most innocent human beings, unborn babies, and perform experiments in order to find the “perfect” cure. The Obama administration is following in Hitler’s footsteps. The democrats like to promote moral relativism, which includes death, and the destruction of our capitalist system. President Obama is lying when he says he wants | Read More »

    Did Dems Have Master Plan?

    These AIG bonuses are outrageous!! Bonuses are given for excellent behavior and who brings money into the company.  But, Democrats were receiving political contributions and enacted the amendment that allowed the top execs at AIG to receive bonuses, so who’s more incompetent Congress or AIG execs?  I don’t know, that’s a close one.  Or did the democrats have a master plan so that they could | Read More »

    Obama embarasses country

    First Obama royally screwed up the visit with the prime minister of England.  Then, on St. Patricks Day Obama humiliates the prime minister of Ireland, as well as himself, by reading the wrong teleprompter message.  Maybe the teleprompter is not such a good idea!!  Maybe, if you’re that incompetent, as to depend on a teleprompter, you shouldn’t be allowed to be President.  I’m sorry but | Read More »

    Today’s rants

    So far I have had a good week. First, I got an A on my political science test and had a good human growth and development class.  I really want to get more involved in the political arena.  I am full of energy, have a passion for politics,and am  brainstorming for great fresh ideas to help revive the republican party.  I live in Pittsburgh and want | Read More »