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I was the 2010 Republican candidate for US Congress in the 12th Congressional District of Illinois.


    It’s all about the Benjamins and the Power

    The corruption of Obama and Company is staggering, yet it pales in comparison to his absolute greed and lust for power. The reason no one has stepped up about his power overreaches is that there is no remedy in law for them as his actions are so unprecedented. The Founding Fathers never thought that the America they gave blood, sweat, tears and their lives to | Read More »

    Romney is Obama-lite

    Romney may be Obama-Lite but I believe that he loves America. Even the Democrats realize that Obama is a Commie and he’s not raising NEARLY the money he thought he would raise because even his own party realizes what a huge mistake his election was. Hillary was ready. Obama is not–still. I started a doomsday strategy in 2008 as a backup plan. I’d suggest everyone | Read More »

    Go read

    PART ONE: Insider:  Got a bone to pick with you son. UM:  Yeah? Insider:  Oh yeah.  Big time.  Told you…been saying to you for a while now…you keep the heat on Obama.  Don’t wander off takin’ the bait on other sh-t.  Otherwise you’re wasting my time – and time is somethin’ we are in short supply of these days. UM:  All right, I’ll bite.  How about | Read More »

    At least Harry Reid will be voted out–but he already knew that!

    Harry Reid is finished as a Senator and he knows it.  The people of Nevada, who tolerate legal whorehouses, find Harry Reid to be such a piece of scum that he will not be re-elected.  This is such an insult to Reid that I don’t know how he can look in mirror–not that the people of Nevada are wrong, he is scum.  If the people | Read More »