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Conservative Texan representing Texans for Rick Perry, Governor Perry's official 2010 reelection campaign. Happy blogging!


    A Message to Congress: READ THE CONSTITUTION

    In the past few years, many members of Congress have conveniently forgotten the meaning our nation’s definitive document. Namely, the Bill of Rights in our Constitution has been tossed aside as the federal government continues to overreach its authority and rapidly expand its unprecedented intrusion into our lives. Help Governor Perry send a clear message to Congress: Read the Constitution. You can help Governor Perry | Read More »

    A Texas Petition Against Cap & Trade

    You don’t have to be a Texan to sign.  It will be delivered to the U.S. Senate during the days leading up to a vote.  The petition, started by Governor Perry can be found at the following URL: It reads: Please take a moment to sign the petition below as Governor Perry fights a massive Washington tax increase on Texas families. “Cap and Trade” legislation | Read More »

    TEA Parties, Texas Style

    Governor Perry attended 3 TEA Parties on Independence Day across Texas.  Among thousands of patriots he sent a clear message to Washington politicians: We’ve been taxed enough already! Video: In Washington, big government bailouts are rewarding failure and irresponsibility.  Massive pork projects are robbing taxpayers under the radar.  The colossal spending monster (Congress) is ultimately leading us to unbearable taxation and debt for the | Read More »