Texas State Republican Executive Committeeman (Senate District 7)


    Utterly and Completely Defund Planned Parenthood!

    Utterly and Completely Defund Planned Parenthood!

    Please share and forward to your Congressman or woman ASAP. The State Republican Executive Committee (SREC) of the Republican Party of Texas (RPT) held it’s quarterly meeting in Austin this weekend. One of the many things accomplished was to issue a resolution condemning Planned Parenthood® and calling for immediate federal defunding.[1] A massive federal spending bill is scheduled for a vote next Wednesday. Multiple Congressmen | Read More »

    Post-Video Washington

    Post-videos, if you can’t shut off public funding to Planned Parenthood, WHAT WILL IT TAKE TO SEAR YOUR SOUL?

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    GOP & Dems Agree: Cut Texas Taxes!

    The Senate has passed a property tax cut. The House has passed a sales tax cut. The Senate, led by Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, followed the clear will of the people and delivered on their promise to reduce property taxes and continue elimination of the franchise tax. The House took a different approach. While the GOP stands for tax cuts of all flavors, while living | Read More »

    Article V Amending Convention of States

    The Founders’ forsaw an out of control Washington, and gave us a solution! It is time to trust them and use the solution, which RETAINS ALL SAFEGUARDS already built into the way Congress can propose Constitutional Amendments.

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    Net Nonsense

    Competition is GOOD. Period. Government regulation stifles competition. Period. Ergo most government regulation is NOT GOOD. This is especially true on something like the internet, that is a major mechanism of free speech today, both by individuals and by formal media (whether “mainstream” or not). Note, this administration is and has always been about CONTROLLING and TAXING the net, not trying to do anything else that | Read More »

    IMPEACH NOW (another plea now that we have the Senate.)

    Since the last time: Impeach now. Not later. Now. Not “only after American lives have been killed by ISIS”. Not “only if he refuses to secure the border.” Not “only if he takes over the world’s greatest promoter of freedom, the Internet.” Not “only if he nominates someone with even less respect for the law than former AG Holder.” Not “only after we get control | Read More »

    Texas GOP Chair Announces Resignation Timing

    Republican Party of Texas (RPT) Chairman Steve Munisteri announced his irrevocable resignation, effective 1pm on Saturday March 7. The campaign also announced that Chairman Munisteri will be serving as an advisor to them.   The resignation was expected by SREC members, though none knew until today when it would occur. Since it was expected, announced candidates for the RPT chair thus far include: Robin L. Armstrong, Wade | Read More »

    A Historic “New Day in Texas”

    Historic and important rule change. One day—One grassroots priority accomplished—One campaign goal achieved. Even a long-time Democrat Senator was heard to say that yes, indeed, it was a “new day in Texas.”

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    Executive Orders? Not So Much…

    Executive Orders? Not So Much...

    Much has been said and little can be added to the criticism of our current president and his hundreds of “executive orders”–clearly against the will of Congress and the American people and even his own talking points in the recent past. Though oft ignored, the Constitution does NOT give him or any other president legislative powers.  A quick read of Article II reveals not one | Read More »

    America – Imagine the World without Her – D’Souza’s New Book and Movie

    America – Imagine the World without Her – D'Souza's New Book and Movie

    America – Imagine the World without Her Countering Progressivism’s Attack on the very Idea of America!              By Mark Ramsey Update 2 (July 8, 11pm CDT): Book is now the NUMBER ONE BEST SELLER ON ALL OF AMAZON, and apparently is sold out. (Amazon is quoting shipping as 3-4 weeks). Additionally, the MOVIE rocketed to #11 in the box office from #42 last weekend. See the | Read More »

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