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I teach history at a public university in Texas


    Love and Hate, Mitt and I

    Not an original title, but one that sums up my feelings about Mitt Romney, and a sentiment that I think aptly sums up his now famous statement regarding the 47%. Why do I love it? Because it is how I feel, as a taxpayer, and an American citizen. I am one who believes in the necessity of a social safety for those truly in need, | Read More »

    And they said the Tea Party was dead . . . TX-25

    As has been well-documented here at Red State and at many other venues, the Tea Party has remained not only viable, but still quite capable of producing the sorts of primary challenges needed to overhaul a feckless, ideologically meandering GOP. While high profile Senate races have rightly garnered the lion’s share of attention, including one right here in Texas, races for the U.S. House also | Read More »

    Mitt, Bain Capital, and Why it Matters

    Yet another epic firestorm engulfs the GOP primary as we head into the South Carolina primaries (for just a small sample see here, here, and here. This time, it is the attacks by Newt Gingrich,followed by Rick Perry, Jon Huntsman, and Rick Santorum on Mitt Romney’s days with Bain Capital. The backlash on the right against those candidates for attacking Romney has been cast as | Read More »

    Leon’s Firestorm

    In yesterday’s front page blog, Leon Wolf seems to have started a mini-firestorm with his completely rational and well-argued point that if it comes down to Mitt Romney as the GOP nominee, then conservatives can take some comfort in that. His argument correctly observes that Romney is preferable to Barack Obama, but Leon also points out that if we take Romney simply at his word | Read More »

    History, Politics, and the Republican Primary

    Let’s talk about history. First, a little of my history. I have a Ph.D in it, and teach at a large public university in the State of Texas. I also research and occasionally publish. My field is not American political history, but it is a passion for me. I didn’t choose that field because it is nigh on impossible to get a job these days | Read More »

    Party, Ideology, and Leadership

    This primary season has been, from my point of view, about two stories. It has been interesting, to be sure, to watch the rise and fall and rise of the various candidates and to watch much of the media either attempt to manipulate the process or catch on to the latest trend. In fact, one of the side stories of this primary season that I | Read More »