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    Cracking the Romney Walnut (or “How to Dial 9-1-1 if you’re Newt”)

    Full disclosure:  The author is a Mitt Romney 2008 (and current) supporter ready and willing to switch to Newt if he ever gets his act together. An open letter to Newt Gingrich: Dear Mr. Speaker: I’ll cut to the chase.  You need help now.  Yes, you were victimized by some unfair ads.  And yes, what you’re doing with Bain Capital and the other nonsense isn’t | Read More »

    My favorite four…

    I’ll do something bipartisan since we’re in Crunch Time [tm] right now and everyone is understandably at their partisan maximum at the moment. And with that I give you my Favorite Four: Republican who deserves the most to win Tuesday:  Sharron Angle (NV).  It’s not easy winning a nomination, facing the Senate Majority Leader, and having a sizable slice of your party telling you they | Read More »

    My Book Review Gone Rogue

    My take on “Going Rogue”: The first thing anyone who is considering purchasing this book seeking to learn about Sarah Palin is that this is 400+ pages.  Fundamentally, this book is an autobiography.  It discusses politics, but it’s not a “political book”.  It is an autobiography, yet it is NOTHING like a traditional political autobiography, in terms of frankness and breadth of topics.  I believe it should | Read More »

    10 Questions for Sotomayor

    (Editor’s Note:  Since Sonia Sotomayor will almost certainly NOT be answering questions next week about future cases likely to face SCOTUS, I’m leaving them out of my list of 10.  Below are a list of questions phrased softly enough and hypothetical enough that she’ll likely feel safe answering.  Hopefully, she’ll like to hear herself talk and get into enough detail to hang herself expose her judicial mindset to America.) | Read More »

    2009 Second Half Predictions

    I’ve decided to go in a radically different direction with this latest post.  Instead of spouting off opinions, which you can all get anywhere else on here (or any other blog), I’m going to get bold and actually offer predictions here that I’m willing to be held to.  Today, in early June, I think we have enough information now to safely make predictions for the | Read More »

    5 Quick Steps Out of the Recession

    1. 5% across-the-board tax cut.  You gotta hit all the income brackets if you’re serious about recovery. 2. 5% corporate tax cut.  If you have to ask why, you probably voted for President Obama. 3. No more Great American Treasury Raid Acts of 2009.  Sorry…I mean, “economic stimulus” packages from Congress.  From this point onward, every major piece of spending needs to be voted on individually in Congress | Read More »

    Support Attorney General Holder in kicking off new racial status discussion

    While I may agree with those who say he’s baiting us, I think we need to engage Attorney General Eric Holder on this and not let this pass. This is the first time I’ve ever heard anyone -THIS- high up on the political food chain use words this strong before. My view on how conservatives should approach this: 1. Offer strong initial public support for | Read More »

    My theory on the Blagojevich-Obama meeting on Nov. 5th.

    This is all my admittedly “amateur hour” attempt to fill in the gaps of knowledge about the course of events in November.  I’m not saying its perfect, but I think it’s rather close to the truth. Keep in mind this is all speculation, but it is consistent with the Fitzgerald timeline of events, and more importantly, explains why there’s such a hyperactive effort to deny there | Read More »

    If we just copied the left…

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I actually understand better now how Michelle Obama felt with the whole “for the first time in my life, I’m really proud of my country” moment. I remember the week after Election Day 2004, and just feeling so incredibly proud of the country, and particularly Ohio, for re-electing President Bush. I knew I could count on the Buckeye | Read More »

    Slam it home.

    When Barack Obama says that “It’s true that both of us want to cut taxes, but I want to target my tax cuts to those who need it the most.”, I have just one question for you: After raising taxes on capital gains, investment income, and Social Security taxes… After raising import duties, raising taxes on the most successful business and Americans in the middle | Read More »