Wrong Diagnosis: Liberalism Will Not Self-Destruct

    Dr. Krauthammer is predicting that Modern Liberalism will self-destruct presumably like Obamacare; but he hasn’t described how that scenario would play out. A second opinion is needed. Liberalism will not self-destruct because it has unlimited power and resources; and it has become integrated into every aspect of society. However, Liberalism will likely implode America with an economic collapse. Consider that: Essentially every aspect of our | Read More »

    It’s Definitely Not About The Tactics

    The GOP-McCain-Krauthammer message of the month is “of course we agree on the goals; we just differ on tactics.” No we don’t just differ; we don’t believe you. The GOP/RNC does not share our goals based on their actual performance throughout the post-Reagan years or the last two months. The country is on another precipice so the House used its only constitutional leverage and Ted | Read More »

    Nose As Long As a Telephone Wire

    It appears that America has reached a bipartisan agreement that President Obama is an inveterate liar. And the most repulsive paternalistic defense has to be that it was a deception for our own good — something an adulterous man would use on his wife. About the only personality that is withholding judgement is Fox’s Bill O’Reilly, Shepard of the Folk, who requires more evidence. But | Read More »

    A Thank You To Our Best

    Veterans Day is the day of reflection and it reminds me of one refreshing reversal since the sixties: a renewed and public respect for the military. Such was not always the case. The Vietnam conflict was used to launch America’s cultural revolution. It was ushered in with Beatles, bombings, and Marxist-led riots – all justified using an unfair drum beat of anti-military propaganda perpetrated by | Read More »

    So You Want To END A Society

    Kudos to those seven GOP senators. You have earned this month’s coveted No Judgement Here award by using your office to elevate and endorse another degenerate lifestyle choice. May we ask where the next rest stop is on our road to Gomorrah? Or is there a limit to this sexual madness? If so, please inform us as to where you draw the line. Until then, | Read More »

    Democrat Compassion Is Destroying Us

    Compassion, social justice, etc. is a pernicious tactic that is being increasingly used by Democrats.  It is an attempt to co-opt the Church’s teachings for political ends and Republicans must be prepared and willing to confront this rhetoric head on. I can offer two recent examples from Virginia politicians Tim Kaine and Jim Moran: Former Virginia Governor Tim Kaine, a Democrat running for the U.S. | Read More »

    President Barack Obama, Exploiter in Chief

    This is Black History Month, which raises an interesting question, are Black Americans really better off in the economy that he crashed with job killing spending and “free” healthcare which no one knows how to pay for?  No. But upper and middle class union members in the Public Sector are better off, actually they are doing great.  Can’t you just hear them say it? “Taxpayers | Read More »

    President Obama’s Time Of Choosing

    President Obama’s silence regarding Iranian Pastor Nadarkhani is more than many Americans can stomach.  Especially in light of continued pandering disguised as apologies while our servicemen are being murdered.  The U.S. military and America have nothing to apologize for. Silence from our self-anointed keepers of the First Amendment on the Left is expected.  Another Christian who will not bow may be killed. To start, he | Read More »

    Social Conservatives are the Fiscal Conservatives

    Tim Kaine predictably lectured Virginia about those troublesome social issues this week.  Of course Gov. Kaine has never shied away from applying his rubric of social justice to government policy.  No doubt he is perturbed that his strategy is not working so well according to Rasmussen and Christopher Newport University polls this week.  Perhaps he could debate George Allen on matters such as adequate energy supply | Read More »

    Ann Coulter Deserves an Answer

     Yesterday Ann Coulter asked WHAT’S THEIR PROBLEM WITH ROMNEY?  Here is one answer. We are tired of the political class informing us who is electable?  Electability is determined by collecting actual votes from a broad a cross section of America. Romney’s machine tried to cut the process off at Florida, which makes him appear weak. His Super PAC exceeded the limits of criticism and contrast | Read More »