Ann Coulter Deserves an Answer

 Yesterday Ann Coulter asked WHAT’S THEIR PROBLEM WITH ROMNEY?  Here is one answer.

  1. We are tired of the political class informing us who is electable?  Electability is determined by collecting actual votes from a broad a cross section of America.
  2. Romney’s machine tried to cut the process off at Florida, which makes him appear weak.
  3. His Super PAC exceeded the limits of criticism and contrast and lied about Newt’s record.
  4.  He is not a movement leader.  We do not see a heartfelt reflective trail of writings and speeches like Ronald Reagan provided us as he journeyed away from the Democrat Party.
  5. Mitt counters with his resume and not governing principles.
  6. He is not sufficiently transparent as demonstrated by last night’s last question, “what is the worst misconception of you?”
  7. He has not delivered a positive message explaining why we should vote for him that also addresses our fear over the country’s direction.  He has not even secured his base after many years of campaigning.
  8. His continued affirmation of Romneycare is a problem.  The 10th Amendment answer is correct, but the federal government now controls most healthcare dollars and benefits.  What will he do if another state decides to implement a new and improved version of Romneycare or any other healthcare program and then demand federal dollars to implement it?  The issue is broader than Romneycare and he has not articulated what he believes the federal role in healthcare should be. 
  9. Nor has he answered the more basic question, which is why any government entity can mandate that its citizens purchase any product as a condition of simply being alive?
  10. His business experience is helpful.  We certainly don’t need any more lawyers wielding power over us.  But a person who builds a lawn mowing business from scratch knows more about the impact of government regulations than a Bain Partner.  Furthermore, business skills do not automatically qualify someone to make sound policy decisions.
  11. Finally, I do not believe that he or his staff understand or are prepared for the fight that awaits him.  When he uses language like “President Obama is just over his head”, all I can see is John McCain throwing his cards on the table at the first accusation of racism.  Obama’s machine and the media are maniacal.

So I don’t understand why you are so vested in Mitt Romney at this stage.  But you can take heart that we are desperate to retire our historic president and end his “Dreams from My Anti-West Father”.  I will have no problem voting for Mitt if he is the nominee.  Just let the primary voters speak.

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