Bob McDonnell Rolling the Dice, But A Lesson Learned for the Rest Of Us

 For now I’m inclined to give Gov. McDonnell the benefit of the doubt on this one.  However, if the Virginia Senate does not pass a compromise, then that is going to be an unrecoverable problem for him.

 A compromise is still progress.  The lesson here is that we relied on a legislative majority and failed to adequately present a coherent public rationale.  Even obvious hypocrisies like Planned Parenthood requiring ultrasounds came out too late.

 We must continually remind people that the state’s interest in preventing abortion is because another person’s rights are being unjustly violated. While these one-offs may seem odd, because of Roe v Wade, legislative actions like this are all that we can do within the rule of law, even an unjust law.

 This bill saves lives.  Thousands of people are alive today because their mother made the right choice when confronted with the humanity of another person.

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