Social Conservatives are the Fiscal Conservatives

Tim Kaine predictably lectured Virginia about those troublesome social issues this week.  Of course Gov. Kaine has never shied away from applying his rubric of social justice to government policy.  No doubt he is perturbed that his strategy is not working so well according to Rasmussen and Christopher Newport University polls this week.  Perhaps he could debate George Allen on matters such as adequate energy supply instead of wind turbines since Virginia remains the second largest importer of electricity.

However, let’s talk about those so called social issues.  It is strung up like yellow tape at crime scene to squelch debate by the same people who justify their particular social issues and favorite government intervention of the day.  We can agree that all of us make moral appeals, especially when we feel wronged.  All laws are linked to a moral standard and government exists to mitigate moral injustices.  America herself is a unique moral enterprise.  Yes, government cannot create morality, but it cannot exist without it.

The reality is that fiscal and social issues cannot be separated.  They exist together as a system of cause and effect.  Despite all the talk of fiscal responsibility, we have made no tangible progress because we are only focusing on effects.

We will not right the size our now officially bankrupt country with accounting, Ivy League expertise, or some magic calculus.  We have run clean out of other countries that will buy our debt.  Do we need different leaders?  Yes, but society must first change.  Self-ascribed fiscal conservatives properly sound the alarm over massive overspending.  We simply pose the question – why?  Can you explain why transferring intergeneration debt so large that devalues every hour of labor for generations to come is wrong without making a moral appeal?

Our fiscal disaster stems from uncontrolled entitlements.   Simple math tells us that.  But the root cause of exponential entitlements, for the most part, is a function of my generation’s great experiment in sexual amorality.   Now we have children having children, family disintegration, children without childhoods, more medical costs, women being abused and abandoned, dishonoring traditional marriage, all which and more, generate more entitlements.  Our free sex will cost our children trillions.

This is the linkage that “social conservatives” are making.  Not to micro-manage lives.  We leave that to the Republican and Democrat elites.  If there was a rational, coherent Mind Your Own Business political party, then conservatives would be the first to sign up.  However we will always believe that there are institutions and a handful of standards that must be honored and protected for liberty to survive.  Our pursuit of a consequence free utopia can only end in tyranny and we feel pressing in on us every day.

Like it or not, restoring a proper moral foundation is the fiscal solution.  If you are not inclined to accept that based on traditional values, then evaluate our 60’s moral standards using cold analytics and data.  Good morals can withstand critical analysis, and they provide their own proof.

Allow our Republican primary process to debate root causes for a change and not simply rail at the symptoms.  Our Constitution is calling us to secure the Blessings of Liberty for ourselves and our Posterity and time is running out.  The piper is on his way and he will be paid.

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