President Barack Obama, Exploiter in Chief

This is Black History Month, which raises an interesting question, are Black Americans really better off in the economy that he crashed with job killing spending and “free” healthcare which no one knows how to pay for?  No. But upper and middle class union members in the Public Sector are better off, actually they are doing great.  Can’t you just hear them say it? “Taxpayers just need to get back to work”.

So, last week President Obama announced his plan to move his 2012 political campaign into black churches, as he calls them.  Black churches?  What is a “black church anyway?”  Of course we are all “supposed to know”.  This is the best proof so far that he is in real trouble.   If he is forced to community organize a demographic that voted for him by 96%, then he is a weak candidate.

Republicans need to use this and go on offense.  Let’s illustrate the true American Black History, why the black community will thrive under Conservative principles, and while we are at it, the vast list of sins that the Democrats have and still willingly commit against blacks in order to stay in power.

But the question today is, exactly how does Barack Obama even come close to serving the black community?  Just because he is black?  Really?  Ok, give him that.  Now, what comes next, Mr. Exploiter in Chief?

President Obama is the product of a culturally liberal family and was raised to be a rich black kid who was coddled, spoiled, and sponsored throughout his career.

He is driven and animated by his father’s hate for the West and America.  However, today’s black families enjoy the heritage of a post-war black generation which was upwardly mobile and successful by every measure.  And they saw the good in this country despite its evils and they never gave up.  That is the history which must be reclaimed and shouted from the proverbial mountain top.

He has no love or respect for religious liberty, either here or in Iran.

He refuses to live a modest lifestyle or acknowledge the true unemployment rate as millions of unemployed transition to the category known as “I give up” – and those people will be voting even if they are not counted in the Bureau of Labor Statistic’s 60,000 person unemployment sampling process.

He terminated the growing parental control over DC schools, effectively abandoning black children to teacher unions while sending his children to the most elite private institution.

He rejects free enterprise and will not break down obstacles that block movement up the economic ladder.  He has replaced its rungs with food stamps and subjected its recipients to debilitating and humiliating dependence on the State.

His proposals are abstract and impractical.  Professor in Chief Obama thinks doctors, nurses, and drug researchers will work for free, that petroleum free electric cars do not require coal and nuclear fission, and that every problem in the world Israel’s fault, certainly not Iran.

He cynically toys with social issues refusing to obey his duty to defend the Defense of Marriage Act in court, despite strong black turnout on state constitutional referendums, which incidentally are passed every time actual people vote as opposed to the elites dictating it.

What black has Barack Obama brought into office and shared the national stage with other than the racist Eric Holder.

He, like all so called black leaders,  ignore and disrespect Dr. King’s main point – character.  Instead he continues to victimize blacks using the politics of victimhood.

So while Barack Obama’s campaign prints tithe envelopes with the Obama logo and replaces lessons on evangelism with literature drops, and while Democrat legislators like Jim Moran continue to throw verbal Oreos, Republicans will keep reaching out to, working for, and electing actual leaders like Allen West.


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