Democrat Compassion Is Destroying Us

Compassion, social justice, etc. is a pernicious tactic that is being increasingly used by Democrats.  It is an attempt to co-opt the Church’s teachings for political ends and Republicans must be prepared and willing to confront this rhetoric head on.

I can offer two recent examples from Virginia politicians Tim Kaine and Jim Moran:

Former Virginia Governor Tim Kaine, a Democrat running for the U.S. Senate in Virginia, has been talking a lot about a religiously-grounded moral common ground rooted in compassion. “I like what motivates Democrats, we are the ‘Good Samaritan’ party,” he said in a speech in Falls Church, Virginia, last month. “We will stop and pay attention to someone in need. We don’t just walk by. We work for the underdog. We’re concerned for the gap between what is and what ought to be.”

Congressman Jim Moran, at a regional Democratic convention in Northern Virginia last weekend, assailed the Republicans’ “survival of the fittest” and “winner take all” mentality. “There are greater reasons than party loyalty that motivate us,” he said. “We Democrats seek to contribute to making a more peaceful, sustainable and just world, in a conflict of ideas and fundamental beliefs.”

Benton, N.  May 23, 2012.  Seizing the Moral High Ground.  Falls Church News Press.

There are at least four responses that we can make:

  1. Compassion is a human act of free will and dictated by each person’s conscience.  Government is the exercise of power whereby it compels its citizens under threat of fine and imprisonment.  Government policies and acts, by definition, can never be compassion and it is anthropomorphism.
  2. Compassion is not equivalent to giving money; it is much closer to empathy and mercy.  It is immoral to attempt to outsource to government that which is our personal responsibility to do as individuals or as part of voluntary associations.
  3. Government has harmed tens of millions of Americans by creating an entitlement and dependent class, in the name of compassion.  Even in the face over overwhelming evidence, the consequences are never analyzed and the revised solutions are always more of the same.
  4. It is a double standard when the Left and politicians like Tim Kaine claim religion as the basis for enacting tax policies and then demand an absolute wall between church and state whenever other people make religious moral appeals for which they disagree.

And in the case of Tim Kaine, we can also talk about specific campaign examples:

Under Barack Obama, the Constitutional protection of the Catholic Church and all churches is now under overt attack in the name of compassion.  Tim Kaine is a key Obama enabler.  He was instrumental in helping to elect the President and he has been one of his strongest advocates.  Yet the only response that Tim Kaine can muster is to feign one day of angst over Obama’s contraception policy, when instead he should be condemning the President’s violation of the First Amendment during every campaign stop.

Democrats like Tim Kaine (who is an ex-civil rights attorney) are casting aside the Constitution and deserting the Catholic Church at a time when they should be defending her rights and our rights.  But meanwhile he continues to use his Catholic faith as a political credential with approving coverage by the Press.

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