So You Want To END A Society

Kudos to those seven GOP senators. You have earned this month’s coveted No Judgement Here award by using your office to elevate and endorse another degenerate lifestyle choice. May we ask where the next rest stop is on our road to Gomorrah? Or is there a limit to this sexual madness? If so, please inform us as to where you draw the line. Until then, may each one of you be forced to deal with this contrived unwarranted disruption in your own offices assuming you haven’t exempted yourself from this law too.

Since we have seen this movie before, we know that employers will 1) pay more extortion money, 2) punish managers who don’t have time to babysit, 3) throw more eggshells on the floor for employees to tiptoe on, and 4) force employees to sing dutifully the hymns of Marxist-inspired “diversity” “training’. Today’s diversity is uniformity, the polar opposite of pluralism. The whole disgusting mess makes you want to work from home for a Chennai call center telemarketer.

You can hate me, just don’t call me stupid. We know that you are on a mission to marginalize us culturally non-compliant citizens by subtly placing our careers at risk. And concerning that religious exemption fig leaf, well, the court will yank that off soon enough. Why? because living in a collective means that if just one American feels discriminated, then all Americans are discriminated along with him, or her, or fill in the blank.

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