A Thank You To Our Best

Veterans Day is the day of reflection and it reminds me of one refreshing reversal since the sixties: a renewed and public respect for the military. Such was not always the case. The Vietnam conflict was used to launch America’s cultural revolution. It was ushered in with Beatles, bombings, and Marxist-led riots – all justified using an unfair drum beat of anti-military propaganda perpetrated by journalists armed with lying cameras.

Yet our brothers and sisters at arms remained faithful; and we gladly pause once more to thank them for:

  • Honoring the Constitution first, foremost, and always.
  • Sacrificing their life and limb, dreams and wealth.
  • Showing the rest of us how to live for an idea larger than ourselves.

And for finishing the course as best they could; even when the politicians that sent them to war abandoned them for votes and secretly applauded Rules of dis-Engagement — an evil web of defeat woven by Leftists and lawyers who roam the Pentagon rings.

As we stare into a dark future, freedom lovers can draw fresh resolve from those Arlington stone lined rows.  We will resist this benevolent tyranny for those asleep in hallowed ground and those yet born and innocent of our sins.  We who are alive have not yet earned the price paid for us by the best among us.

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