Nose As Long As a Telephone Wire

It appears that America has reached a bipartisan agreement that President Obama is an inveterate liar. And the most repulsive paternalistic defense has to be that it was a deception for our own good — something an adulterous man would use on his wife. About the only personality that is withholding judgement is Fox’s Bill O’Reilly, Shepard of the Folk, who requires more evidence.

But happily, we folk are free now to assess Dear Leader with some overdue bad conduct demerits without being tarred as racists. And perhaps the GOP will now applaud Joe Wilson. He and Ted Cruz have a booth set up for Republican senators and Karl Rove to offer them a private apology. Alas, that is wishful thinking, since most of our political leaders mimic fiddler crabs poking their timid little heads out their cushy little holes, nervously watching for the next media wave of rebuke.

No, there will be no genuine apology or restitution from this man. This is their time and President Obama is a loyal cog in a collectivist machine useful only for delivering a sales pitch and energizing racial force fields. If he had not been nurtured by Marxists, he might now be selling Rolex watches out of car trunks or preaching a gospel of prosperity as a televangelist.

Ideologues are never concerned about data or learning from human experience. They never reveal their true intentions. They have never uttered the words, “I could be wrong.” While God grants free will, they impose their will. They are miserable souls in a quest for redemption and fame by conferring a group morality upon the inhabitants in their Collective. We are left to wonder what the man might have become if he was raised with wisdom like:

the strongest poison ever known
Came from Ceaser’s laurel crown.
- William Blake, Auguries of Innocence

But there’s more to this country than Barack Obama.  Experience has shown us that morals become culture and culture becomes government; so lying impacts society in different ways:

  • It corrupts language and short circuits clear communication.
  • It destroys any notion of a marketplace of ideas.
  • It feeds suspicion and destroys trust; and when no one believes you then one usually lies more.
  • If compromise was agreed to based on deception, then one side later feels cheated.
  • It may unfairly destroy another person’s reputation.
  • It uses people as a political means instead of valuing them as individuals capable of independent reasoning.
  • It elevates personality over policy and emotion over reason.
  • It encourages others to lie which cascades into more widespread corruption.
  • It conditions society for violent conflict.
  • And last but not least, telling the truth comes in as number nine on God’s 10 Rules For Effective Societies.

The truth is that telling the truth might be the quickest way to dial down the hostility in our public square, assuming enough people are willing to listen and learn before they disagree.

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