Wrong Diagnosis: Liberalism Will Not Self-Destruct

Dr. Krauthammer is predicting that Modern Liberalism will self-destruct presumably like Obamacare; but he hasn’t described how that scenario would play out. A second opinion is needed. Liberalism will not self-destruct because it has unlimited power and resources; and it has become integrated into every aspect of society. However, Liberalism will likely implode America with an economic collapse.

Consider that:

  • Essentially every aspect of our lives and property is under the benevolent thumb of government in the form of regulations and taxes; and these controls easily expanded without legislative action.  Which areas are under less government control today than 10 years ago?
  • America been on an linear trend line, even during world wars, to a national Liberal/Progressive agenda since Woodrow Wilson and the Fabians appeared.
  • Liberalism directs all our institutions: Government obviously, Schools, Culture, Banking, even Religion for the most part.
  • The federal government spends on credit with no pretense of repaying the principal so they have unlimited resources until countries stop subsidizing our debt.
  • The relationship between government and business moving rapidly to Fascism where the State controls all major industries and business leaders fund the political class.
  • The average citizen is controlled with innumerable poorly written laws that create a state of state of criminal and financial intimidation by the legal class?
  • How many countries that once embraced Liberalism later replaced it with a limited government that is close to America’s original principles? Don’t they usually decay violently into poverty and servitude or exist in a much lower standard of living?
  • And I won’t try to list the cultural factors, just quickly add that Modern Liberalism is both a governing philosophy and a value system.

How does a pervasive evil like this self-destruct? But more importantly if it does are we prepared to live with the aftermath? Leviathan is not going down without a deadly  struggle.

We can’t sit calmly back and be content to just explain things a little better. Patience is no magic pill. The prescription is to plant a stake in Liberalism by returning to the Constitution and redeeming this culture, starting with the young before it is too late.

Counting on self-destruction sounds too much like a Utopian exercise.

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