Crist’s exit strategy.

    So the blogosphere is simmering with the rumor that Charlie Crist is going to run as an independent if and when he loses to Marco Rubio in the GOP primary. Unlike Joe Lieberman, the best Dem example of this kind of sore loserness, Crist is not running because of any overriding principle, but rather because of an unbridled lust for power, and the desire to | Read More »

    Why not Mark Sanford?

    So, my conservative friends and allies. I ask you a simple question, why not Mark Sanford? In my estimation the GOP has two big problems that seem impossible to reconcile. The fiscal conservatives and moderates aren’t necessarily in line with the religous conservatives, and the religious folks aren’t in line with the repubs that want to focus on other options. It’s clear to me that | Read More »

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