On This Day

    At RedState, we recognize that abortion is not likely to be the foremost issue in this year’s federal elections. We know that at a time when the economy continues to spiral out of control, massive numbers of people remain unemployed or underemployed, and Obama’s reckless spending threatens our fiscal health, it is difficult to force people to focus on a problem that remains largely unseen, | Read More »

    RedState Endorses Tom Cotton for Congress

    RedState is proud to issue its first Congressional endorsement for 2012: RedState supports Tom Cotton for Congress in Arkansas’ Fourth Congressional District. Tom Cotton has perhaps the most compelling story of any new Congressional candidate this election season. This profile in the Weekly Standard lays it out in detail and is well worth the read. By way of summary, Cotton grew up in Southwest Arkansas, | Read More »

    We Have Drawn a Line

    Every year on this date, the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, we pause here at RedState to remember the fallen and renew our commitment to do everything within the confines of the lawful political process that may be done to end the greatest injustice that has ever been foisted on our society. The Declaration of Independence reflects a truth held self-evident by the founders and | Read More »

    The Great Debate

    Although it is almost impossible to believe, we are already seeing the first glimpses of the 2012 primaries here at RedState. We have been through one season of contentious primaries before, and although our community has grown, we expect many of the same sorts of issues to crop up. Therefore, this is as good of a time as any to address some of the ways | Read More »

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    Today Is Mark Kilmer’s Birthday. This Open Thread is For Him.

    On February 5, 2009, we lost our dear friend Mark Kilmer. While he is gone, he is not forgotten. We miss him. Were he here today, his birthday, he would no doubt at all put this in an open thread. And so we do.

    The Ground Zero Mosque Should Be Stopped

    If you read no further, know this: RedState supports the Anti-Defamation League in its opposition to the so-called “Ground Zero mosque.” The ADL is right on all counts: in its rejection of bigotry, its affirmation of American religious freedom, and its declaration that common decency demands the end of this effort. As the ADL notes, this is “not a question of rights, but a question | Read More »

    A Lesson for Potential Turncoats

    Let me draw up a scenario for you. You’re a long-term incumbent Republican in a purple state that may or may not be trending blue. You’ve always been a moderate and coasted to easy elections in the general. However, a bunch of rabble-rousing conservatives and tea partiers, the kind of people you never liked anyway, have propped up some firebrand conservative candidate, and the polling | Read More »

    Tim Burns for Pennsylvania

    “Part of the reason the debacle in NY-23 occurred is that the conferees made a decision in an almost total vacuum with respect to how activists in the district felt about the various candidates. We don’t have to let that happen here. Get on the horn and get involved.” The next major fight in the battle against the Obama agenda is the May 18th special | Read More »

    In Memoriam

    “We renew our pledge … to work to support candidates who will do everything in their power to someday bring about the day when Roe v. Wade joins Scott v. Sandford as an aberrant footnote to our nation’s great history.” On this day 37 years ago, seven unelected lawyers (all male) spat on centuries of Western tradition, the plain text of the Constitution, and decades | Read More »

    By popular request

    When I track down the Hannity clip from yesterday and the Blitzer clip from today, I’ll add them.