RedState’s Take on Obama’s Speech

The Spectacle Will Be Remembered. The Speech? Not So Much.

This was not an uplifting, unifying, post-partisan speech.  It was a typical Democrat speech, an act of attack to disguise a record thinner than that of any president.  It was an act of religious prayer for the believers, not evangelism to the nonbelievers.  When he declared he would engage in specifics, he continued to offer even more promises without explanation of how or why – just that here was the thing wrong, and in electing him president, that alone would correct the wrong. 

And that is Obama’s greatest failing – for all his fancy promises of hope and change, at his core, he is just like every leftist messiah we have seen before: a man wandering the world convinced of his rightness and purity, with no answers to offer but the collapsed policies of the past. There was nothing new there other than a new face.

Barack Obama claims to offer change. He said several times tonight that John McCain had been in the Senate for so long that . . . well, we don’t really remember. The point was not memorable. What is memorable is that Joe Biden, Barack Obama’s pick for Vice President has been in the Senate longer than John McCain. In fact, Barack Obama attacked John McCain’s support of bankruptcy legislation that Joe Biden sponsored.

Throughout the night we were treated to Barack Obama yelling into the microphone telling us he was an agent of change. Reading his words, we are struck that Barack Obama really is an agent of change. He will change the policies of the last thirty years in favor of the populist, leftist policies advocated by Jimmy Carter.

The shallowness of Barack Obama came out in his speech. It really is all about him, despite what he claimed.

And Barack Obama is an agent of change we cannot afford.

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