Heath Shuler Retires…or…The Importance of Voting

    Heath Shuler has always been a bit of a conundrum in western North Carolina. He was a Democrat, albeit more Conservative than your average one, in a very Conservative area of the state. And like his fellow members of the “Blue Dogs” he was usually fell in line to support Pelosi and Company after much public “Discussion” that helped make him look more Conservative than | Read More »

    Let The Nationalization Begin!

    Via Drudge, President Obama to propose compensation caps on financial services firms to include banks. That ought to help bring back the banking sector and the markets! Bloomberg reports that the heads of Citibank, Bank of American and JP Morgan are also pointing out the problems this will cause with the recovery. Per the story, “The work we have all done to try to stabilize | Read More »

    How To Improve Your Chances Of Landing A High Level Federal Job

    In these days of economic uncertainty, many people are looking at employment with the Federal government. And why not? It has job security, great benefits and low productivity demands. Unfortunately, this comes at a cost. The pay is usually less than a private sector position. That is why you should not settle for a job as a low level flunky. Not you! No, you need | Read More »

    President Obama Stabs Israel In The Back In Full View Of The World

    President Obama’s first call to a foreign leader was to President Abbas of the Palestinian Authority? Are you frakking kidding me? What, Osama Bin Laden wasn’t available to answer the phone? The middle east is important, so reach out to Israel. Then the Palestinians. Why does his calling Abbas first matter? The symbolism. He did not call a friend, such as Israel, (or Britain, Canada | Read More »

    What The Hell Is It With Rich Democrats Not Paying Their Taxes?

    Via Hot Air,The New York Times is reporting that Caroline Kennedy withdrew her name from consideration for the vacant New York Senate seat due to tax issues involving household help. Add this to the Geithner tax issues and I am struck by how many rich democrats do not pay their taxes. Perhaps the reason they are so eager to raise taxes on the rich, particularly | Read More »

    The Difference Between Obama And McCain Is…

    …That the only time McCain was surrounded by people that hate the United States, he was a POW being held against his will. Obama worked with them and attended church with them by choice. Cross-posted at

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