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    The Water Tastes the Same

    I grew up during the bleak days of segregation in America. Some of my earliest memories of reading were sounding out the terms “Whites seat from front. Coloreds seat from rear.” while boarding the bus as just a small child in Atlanta, Ga. I can recall vividly the separate entrances, seating and water fountains. In a recent interview, I was asked to describe these circumstances | Read More »

    Leadership Requires Leadership

    All of the attempts by the media to make stories out of the budget battles going on in Washington, D.C. will not change the bottom line of how it will end up, no matter how many ways they try to create a story. Namely, the taxpayers will get stuck with more debt and more taxes again. After all of the political punches are thrown, President | Read More »

    2010: Don’t forget, and do tell

    2010: Don’t forget, and do tell By: Herman Cain December 27, 2010 Don’t forget what President Obama and the Democrat-controlled Congress did in 2010 – and tell everybody who will listen! And if they do not get outraged, then they are sleeping under a rock and they can’t get out. Pure politicians have for years depended on voters to forget their misdeeds leading up to | Read More »

    The Perfect Conservative

    He was not born into a royal family, but He left a royal impression on the world. For 30 years, He learned the ways of the world without becoming of the world. He then changed the world for the better. He led without a mandate. He taught without a script. His common sense parables filled people with promise and compassion, His words forever inspiring. He | Read More »

    Go ahead, lame duck Congress: Make our day!

    Go ahead, lame duck Congress: Make our day! By: Herman Cain December 13, 2010 For the first time, the president listened to the majority of the people and was willing to extend the existing tax rates for everyone. Many people do not like the backdoor welfare that he attached to the so-called deal that Congress is now considering, nor did we like extending unemployment benefits | Read More »

    Washington is Leaking Oil

    Washington is Leaking Oil By: Herman Cain December 5, 2010 My first car as a teenager was an old car with a lot of problems, but at least it was functional. It had an oil leak and I could not afford to get the leak fixed. It was cheaper for me to add oil occasionally to prevent the engine from totally locking up, or worse | Read More »

    Liberals Hate Tax Facts

    Liberals Hate Tax Facts By Herman Cain November 28, 2010 Here we go with the liberal rhetoric again. You’ve seen the Democrats whine that keeping the “Bush tax cuts” would stuff the pockets of the richest Americans, while doing nothing to help the middle class. But that simply isn’t the truth. Here’s the truth: Congress is not voting on tax cuts, but rather, whether or | Read More »

    Don’t be VAT stupid

    Don’t be VAT stupid By Herman Cain November 21, 2010 There’s one message from the 2010 elections that many so-called policy makers, political elites and analysts did not hear. Namely, the American people are not as uninformed and stupid as they think we are. President Obama’s Debt Commission and the Bipartisan Policy Center’s Debt Reduction Task Force have both floated its ideas for reducing our nation’s | Read More »

    DeMint Champions Taxpayers, Stands Firm for Earmark Reform

    [promoted from the diaries by haystack because…well, you figure it out] Note: This op-ed appeared in the Greenville News of Greenville, South Carolina on Monday, November 15, 2010. We are fighting two wars overseas. We are in the middle of an entitlement crisis that could bankrupt this country. The national debt is simply out of control. And your elected leaders voted to spend $500,000 of | Read More »

    Let Obama Win One…for Now!

    Let Obama win one…for now By: Herman Cain November 14, 2010 President Obama’s defeats did not just start with the 2010 midterm election results. They started in December 2008, when President-elect Obama said “deficits don’t matter”. Well, he discovered that deficits do matter, because the American people were paying attention. They overwhelmingly rejected the runaway spending of this administration and this Democrat-controlled Congress. President Obama | Read More »