Yes Virginia — There is a Feminist in Sarah Palin!

    This past Tuesday, Sarah Palin made the most explicitly feminist political speech by ANYONE running for national office in the last 20 years. She said,”Women of my generation were allowed finally to make more of our own choices with education, with career, and I have never forgotten that we owe that opportunity to women, to feminists who came before us,” Palin said. “The belief in | Read More »

    Applying Current Industry Practices to Politics

    The choice of Sarah Palin, is an indicator that attracting talent for the workforce, is definitely changing politics. People must holistically accept that after almost 20 years of “serial entrepreneurs” and the growth of outsourcing for staff augmentation and special project consultants, a culture of “get in, get out, get it done, has now entered the political arena. Gone are the days, where companies, and | Read More »

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    Young, Female, Executive Seeks Same – On Sarah Palin

    I find it very interesting that some people are having ‘heartburn” with this. I think that strategically, it shows that McCain is thinking about the country, the party, and the future. He has his opponents scrambling, since this was not out of the ‘playbook’ that they had for McCain. That was first very obvious, as they unsuccessfully try to tie him to Bush ’43. So | Read More »

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