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    Finally – Refuting an Honest Liberal . . .Part 1

    Generally speaking, there are two rules that apply to liberal propaganda passed off as  “intellectual discussion.”  The first is that although 70 – 80% of what is said can be easily debunked, the remainder 20 – 30% usually consists of a populist-tinged argument which typically requires a little more work for us to refute.  The second, that liberal arguments are always disguised as something else | Read More »

    Of Illegals and College Tuition . . .

    I’m not watching the Republican debate tonight, mainly because I have no idea how you can hold a real debate among nine people.  When it gets down to two, then I’ll watch an actual debate.  There’s no need to watch another yet another crammed Q-&-A session billed as a “debate” just to heighten the drama (wait . . . who would have guessed FOX is | Read More »

    Finally Al Gore Makes Sense

    There are things we know – he founded the Internet, he saved NASA, and he’s been internationally recognized as for his efforts to promote “peace.”  Only now are we able to put all the pieces together to truly understand the crusade that is Senator/Vice President/SNL Host Albert Gore, Junior. He is trying to save humanity from annihilation by an advanced race of extra terrestrials who | Read More »

    Why its not Romney’s race to lose – rebuttal to post

    This entry is a rebuttal to Erick’s post on 8/17 exploring the reasons he believes, given the Perry entry, and Mitt Romney remains the front runner and it remains his “race to lose.”  As I do with many of my posts – FULL DISCLOSURE – in 2008 I gave money to Mitt Romney’s campaign (he dropped out a week later).  I also donated earlier to | Read More »


    Instead of making populist-style accusations about tax credits to businessmen buying jet airliners leaning to a shortage in weathermen and lack of school lunches (perfectly . . . perfectly natural conclusions there . . .), let’s put on our “not blind and mindless” 3-D specs and examine this desperation ploy in the rational, sensible, conservative way.  (BTW – it is a desperation ploy.  My rogue | Read More »

    Two Reassurances of American Greatness

    All the negative economic news and the never-ending media parade about the "Chinese Century" can get a patriotic guy down from time to time.  Tonight on the drive home I heard, on NPR of all places* a couple of news stories that reassurance you that the good ole USA remains that shining city on the hill. (In my defense, I was flipping between NPR and | Read More »

    My Grandfather gave me a pocket Constitution when I was 7 years old

    Some RedStaters may remember the one I am talking about.  It was the same size as the one the Heritage Foundation is giving away now, but instead of the painting of the signing of the Constitution on the front it had a black-and-white illustrated depiction of a minuteman.  Something about it I particularly remember was the image of the “IRS Man” running from the spider | Read More »

    Administration announces new “Fast Food Beatdown Czar”

    WASHINGTON – Due to and epidemic rise in violence committed at fast food restaurants, the Obama administration has announced the formation of the Foodservice Violence Prevention Agency.  The White House has named Edison State college student and career McDonald’s employee Julio Osegueda as head administrator of the new agency, euphemistically known as the “Fast Food Beatdown Czar.” Obama administration spokesperson Jay Carney, in announcing the | Read More »

    Take what we’re given, or institute a draft?

    The majority of posts here at RedState and general “chatter” in conservative/Republican circles betrays a keen grasp of the obvious – we’re not jazzed about our crop of ’12 presidential contenders.  As a sweeping generalization, we’ll say that there are several candidates that most of us “could live with,” a couple that are highly polarizing, and another couple that are highly unacceptable to the majority | Read More »

    What if there really is no birth certificate . . . or worse?

    The Worst Constitutional Crisis – What if He’s Not an Eligible President? Yesterday morning I saw a classic Matt Drudge post, teasing Corsi’s long-hyped investigative expose of his “findings” regarding President Obama’s real place of birth, and status as a “natural born citizen” of the United States (for those of you in California that thought Arnold WAS president, the ‘natural born’ clause is still a | Read More »