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    1st Amendment B*****s

    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. Note: the b*****s part is aimed at progressive leftists who freak out daily. Let’s get to it. Phil Robertson has | Read More »

    It’s Time for a Convention of the States!

    Let’s face it: Washington will NEVER enact anything that’ll limit its powers especially if it’s term limits or a balanced budget requirement. The latter came very close to passing of which did in the House by a total of 30o votes and failed by one vote necessary to pass the Senate. The House tried again passing a balanced budget amendment but it failed. So it’s | Read More »

    A Different Approach

    Recently a federal judge ruled parts of Utah’s anti-polygamy law unconstitutional. It’s given the idea to expand the whole marriage conversation. My position on marriage leaving government out of the matter. When I say that I’m not specifically talking about pulling government out, I mean literally as a couple of any sort refusing government recognition or aid. I’m personally surprised more libertarians haven’t espoused this, | Read More »

    The Fight Shall Go On!

    Well the GOP House just voted for another end-of-the-year shit sandwich deal. Surprisingly only 62 of the Republican conference voted no (including my own Jim Bridenstine which I very much appreciate). Now Boehner is gearing to move on to immigration for next year after the primary fights are over and done with. His speakership by this point is pretty much done with after the 2014 | Read More »

    The Republican Party Will Survive

    The question of the GOP surviving is always asked every time they do something moronic like trying to surrender before the start of a fight or such. Obamacare and the shutdown is a good example. While I do think it unfair how otherwise excellent Senators and/or Representatives were treated for disagreeing on the particular Obamacare strategy, it’s never smart to surrender before the next fight | Read More »

    Rundown: Control of the Senate part 4 (UPDATE)

    West Colorado Incumbent Mark Udall is no longer safe as expected. All polls show him running under 50 against potential challengers. My particular candidate of endorsement is state Senator Owen Hill which I’ve done so already. Also running is 2010 nominee Ken Buck. With less than a year out and BO’s job approval not seeing any break, I’d say there’s a very good chance the | Read More »

    Rundown: Control of the Senate part 3 (UPDATE)

    In part 3 here, we’ll look at the Midwest which has a slew of races in play or potentially in play. Here we go. The Midwest Illinois Dick Durbin should be reelected a 4th term next year. That said though, the recent Obamacare screw ups don’t make this entirely slam dunk. Obama’s job approval from what I’ve heard actually has dipped below average. While it | Read More »

    Rundown: Control of the Senate part 2 (UPDATE)

    In part 1 (which you can find in my stack of diaries and look at my original conclusion of all Senate races), I looked at the South and the status of races. Most interesting were Arkansas, Louisiana and Georgia. Now we look at the Northeast races. The Northeast Delaware Chris Coons was elected to fill out the rest Joe’s old term and should have no | Read More »

    Rundown: Control of the Senate (UPDATE)

    I’m gonna do something a little different from last time. I’m gonna split the races in five regions: South, Northeast, Midwest, West and Pacific Coast. Here we go. The South Alabama Nothing changed from last time. Safe R Arkansas Mark Pryor is in hot water with Tom Cotton as his top opponent. Polls show the race to be tied or close. I ultimately don’t see him | Read More »

    Immigration Reform (or Amnesty) is ultimately DEAD this Congress

    I read a good column from Chris Cillizza at the Washington Post which he spoke of immigration and why it’s dead for this Congress at least. It was published back on the 25th. Here it is:  President Obama gave a speech Monday in San Francisco calling on Congress to act on immigration reform! House Speaker John Boehner rejected the idea that immigration reform was dead  at | Read More »