McCain has lost the high ground

John McCain is lying about Obama

If you make under 250K Barack Obama will cut your taxes, yet McCain says he won’t. This is a lie. McCain knows Obama’s tax plan and yet he continues to flat out lie about taxes.

How can we trust a person not to lie as President if he lies during his campaign.

John McCain is dragging this Republican Party into the dirt.

Not sure when being a Republican became being a liar but John McCain has done it.

So much for staright talk.

I find his campaign down right disgusting. He is a liar and it’s shameful how many people would ignore the truth at the expense of the country and thier own wallets.

If you want lower taxes vote for Obama. If you want more of the same Bush policies vote for McCain.

Simple as that.

McCain is a liar.John McCain is lying about taxes.

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