What’s good for the goose…

    The leftist notion that no previous president was subjected to the vitriol and disrespect aimed at Obama is both naive and badly belied by history — some of it very recent.

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    Dear NH State Sen. Lambert: Not just no…

    …but HECK no. Witness a nauseating display of unwarranted brag and bounce, wherein NH State Senator Gary Lambert calls on all us Romney doubting rubes to close our traps and gleefully drink the Kool-Aid: State Sen. Lambert, with all due respect, we’ve only had one primary, which was essentially a straw poll. And we’ve found in the aftermath that Romney may have actually lost. On | Read More »

    Dear Representative Rigell

    The Honorable Scott Rigell 327 Cannon House Office Building United States House of Representatives Washington, DC 20515 Dear Representative Rigell: I note with dismay that you are planning to vote for Speaker Boehner’s revised debt plan. Cut, Cap, and Balance (CCB) was only 4 votes from passage in the Senate. House Republicans should stand firm and insist that CCB remain the Republicans’ first and only | Read More »

    An Open Letter to the Qur’an Burning Pastor

    Crossposted at The MonT-SteR REPORT Dear Pastor Jones, I can appreciate your concern for the falsity of Islam. As John Piper notes, bad theology dishonors God and hurts people, and I can’t think of a theological construct more hurtful, more violent, more angry, more damnable than Islam. Except for bad Christian theology. As ambassadors of Christ, we are charged with the awesome responsibility of representing | Read More »

    DOOM in VA

    Is it time to declare DOOM for Virginia senatorial incumbents?

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