What makes the Tucson shooter special?

    Since the shell casings cooled in Arizona, all we’ve heard is that talk radio and its incessant violent rhetoric is responsible for the shooting that injured 14, including U.S. Congresswoman Giffords, and killed several others, including a nine year old girl and a federal judge. Sure, the normal pushack to that from our favorite talk radio stars will be to deny that they could have | Read More »

    Exactly what is waste?

    Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) just published his “Wastebook” report for 2010 where he cites the most egregious errors of government spending that he can find. While I know that his report can’t be 2000 pages long (like certain legislations on healthcare or financial regulation that we all know and love) I do have to ask: Since he only cites $11.5 billion as the most horrible | Read More »


    I have a niece that will be born next month. Brand new, fresh faced, and screaming (hopefully). I can’t wait.  But one thing that really bothers me is this: The moment she takes a breath, she’ll be in debt. Thanks to the irresponsibility of my state government, she’ll come into life owing more than $4000 to the state’s debt. Add in more than $44,000 worth of debt that | Read More »


    My Francisco D’anconia Moment

    Don’t want to make the mistake of assuming anything about anyone who reads this, so I’ll just say that if you haven’t yet read Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand you’re missing out. At one point in the novel, at the wedding of James Taggart, Francisco D’anconia, the owner of the largest copper mining entity in the world, makes a speech about the nature of money. | Read More »

    Man-made global cooling

    On my facebook page I posted a thing about how much snow fell on my home state last night and why the law of probability would state that more than likely there are at least two snowflakes that ARE alike.   Unbeknownst to me, someone has already tried to proove that. Three groups of someones, actually. Three different federally funded university research projects have been conducted on | Read More »

    Don’t ask me no questions, don’t tell me no lies…

    Hooray! Homosexuals of all types rejoice today as President Obama signs the official repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t tell. Now you can serve your country while proclaiming to the public a portion of your life that no one but you really cares about. Well….almost. Say, did you actually read that thing? The bill, I mean. The thing that will repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Why | Read More »