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    Shut Up Shutting Up!

    Akin’s comments were foolish and bad for the country’s chances of unseating Obama in November. Let’s not double down on the mistake. Look, I get it. Abortion is wrong, not just because it’s murder, which it most certainly is, but also because it’s a clear infringement on the life of the unborn child. Got it. Message received. Fully understood. But it’s time to also understand | Read More »

    Racial Hucksters Attempt to Stigmatize Romney

    Before anyone calls me racist, note that I grew up in NYC. My first real best friend, whom I met at the tender age of 8 years old, was from Chile. Not long after, I became close friends with a kid of African American descent. Throughout my life, I’ve had friends of all races, creeds, colors, sexual orientations, and so on. I’ve went to school | Read More »

    The New, New Shiny Object

    Ok Folks, before everyone loses their head over Obama’s new position regarding gay marriage, I think it’s important that we take a deep breath and really consider what’s going on here. First, obviously Biden’s recent gaffe wasn’t a gaffe at all but a planned event, to test the waters before Obama reversed course. And we all know that reversing course is being kind – someone | Read More »

    American Conservatism Is…

    American Conservatism means an adherence to our founding principles. The main principle being that we all have inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Secondary principles being that the Government, not the people, is limited by the constitution. This means that no laws should be passed interfering with our god given rights, and that the scope of government, per our founding fathers, | Read More »


    Dispelling the common myth of the “liberal elite” In Kim Strassel’s excellent column today in which she effectively makes the case that both Santorum and Romney are playing (to lose) Obama’s class warfare game, one peripheral phrase lept out at me, and spurred me to write this. She says: “Team Obama may be abandoning [White working-class Americans] altogether, instead looking for 2012 victory in a | Read More »

    The Obama Surge

    I’ve noticed over the last week or so a strange phenomenon. Obama’s numbers are steadily improving, and meanwhile I sense a disruption in the momentum behind the GOP. I’m not sure if it’s the endless bickering over primary candidates, the gamesmanship over this tax bill, or just some more of the same political collusion practiced by the liberal left wing mainstream media taking effect, but I | Read More »

    We’ve Already Lost

    We’ve already lost the 2012 election. Thanks goes to the liberal media (of course), the “Get out the (illegal) vote” machine, ACORN (or whatever they call themselves these days) and conservative dolts who in 2012, faced with a threat to the very republic for which we all stand, decided to instead argue about social conservative issues like abortion, the religion of a particular candidate, or | Read More »

    The Schizophrenia of Barack Obama

    Throughout his presidency, the liberal sycophants in the media have continuously tried to link President Obama with some of the greatest presidents in the history of this nation. He would be the new FDR. No, he would govern like Abe Lincoln. Actually, he’s a lot like Reagan the leg-chillers would breathlessly tell us. Now, the liberal online rag Politico tells us that he’s the new | Read More »

    What Happened to “Nation Building?”

    Liberal Fox News anchor Shep Smith just said that the war in Libya (he referred to it as the un-war or the like) is now over, as NATO is pulling out. I think that’s great. Not that I am a dove or anything, but the farther we keep this man-child who occupies the White House, away from the controls of war, wasting our blood and | Read More »

    Obama and the Left’s Insulting Identity Politics

    The celebration of Ms. Simpson’s appointment to Commerce proves just how silly and bigoted the Democrats really are.

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