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    Buying Friends in the Middle East

    After his election in 2008, Barack Obama gave his first televised interview to Fox News, laying out his Administration’s plans for dealing with countries in Asia and the Middle East. The President said the U.S. was no longer going to tolerate unilateral responsibilities and the leadership in these countries would have to begin earning their support from America… … Just kidding – he gave his | Read More »

    Obama get’s beat and cries

    The Senate on Wednesday defeated an amendment on expanding background checks, which was pretty much the key to Obama’s gun control bill. It must have been quite a blow to President Obama, who went all boo-hoo afterwards. First of all, congratulations to everyone who let their voice be heard and helped our side prevent the further erosion of our rights under the Second Amendment. That | Read More »

    Gun Control coming to America

    Dear Joe Biden; Not coming for our guns? The ‘Black Helicopter people’ are just paranoid? Nothing to see here – just some “reasonable” gun control coming down from on high? We shouldn’t worry about the Obama Administration “swooping down” on us? Let me tell you something, Mr. Vice President: You’ll never be President. You’ll never be more than a joke on America, because that’s what | Read More »

    GOD Now or GOD Later

    Ever notice how quickly our leaders turn to God in times of tragedy? How many times after a tragedy occurs, do you see someone say; “Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims’ families…”? It’s almost standard fare, because our leaders understand the importance of going to GOD, especially in times  of disaster or great need. But I have a question: Why is God | Read More »

    Bob Beckel Is Not a Fat Scumbag

    Last week Beckel went off on CBS and their reality show; “The Amazing Race” for taping from North Vietnam – yes, I still call it that – and having contestants compete by memorizing communist propaganda and going through a downed American B-52 bomber. He’s right – CBS and the producers of the show are a bunch of skivvy, thick-headed, perfidious, greedy, cretins. Look it up. | Read More »

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    The Wussification of America

    Life in the real world is a stone-cold female canid, sometimes. Just ask President Obama, who got played in public the other day by the leader of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu. Bibi knows a little bit about what it takes to navigate the reality of a tough, dishonest and sometimes brutal world. So standing up at a press conference with a not so friendly U.S. President | Read More »

    Tolerance for Everything (Except God)

    Everyday I wake up and I’m told I’m supposed to be tolerant of values and behaviors I feel are not only bad for the long term health of our society, but some that run headfirst into my faith. Beliefs which clash with my beliefs. It reminds me of when I have to discipline my son by shutting down some of his fun – I’m always | Read More »

    My Promise To My Daughter

    I do not know what my Daughter will grow up to be, but I do know that I will raise her to be  a God Fearing/Loving Christian woman. I will raise her in The Word. I have taken on the responsibility of raising a daughter and she will see and feel that she is my priority. I will work hard to provide for her, but | Read More »

    Shotgun Joe Inspires a Great Idea: Free AR-15!

    It’s not often that Joe Biden inspires a great idea (unless you’re talking about late-night comedians) and mostly he just makes you wish he’d shove some pie into that pie-hole and stop talking for five minutes. But stick with me. You’ll want to hear this: Barack Obama has made the Vice-President the point man in his Gun Control Task Force, or as I like to | Read More »

    Liberals are the Cool Parents

    Remember when you were younger, there was a kid in the neighborhood who had a “cool mom”? You and your friends could get away with murder when you were at her house. When you wanted junk food, you got it. When you wanted to stay up late, you got it. If you caused trouble, it wasn’t your fault and you weren’t held responsible. How did | Read More »