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    Who’s a better rold model? Tiger Woods or Barack Obama?

    Okay, we have two men. Both are successful. Both married. Both have kids. One man thinks he can get away with anything. The other man knows he can’t. One man uses words to make people believe in him. The other man says only his actions will make people believe in him. One man believes he is a healer. The other knows he has caused a | Read More »

    Another whopper from King Obama

    Check out this recent quote from President Obama: “We’ve got to make sure that our party understands that, like it or not, we have to have a financial system that is healthy and functioning, so we can’t be demonizing every bank out there. We’ve got to be the party of business, small business and large business, because they produce jobs.” In this one quote, Obama | Read More »

    Vote for Obama’s Biggest Lie!

    He’s not just the President. He’s the King of Distortion, Deception, and good old fashioned Dishonesty. And now is your chance to vote for athe Biggest Lie (so far) from our fork-tongued President! Folks, this isn’t going to be easy. There are so many boldfaced whoppers to choose from! Good luck! OBAMA’S BIGGEST LIES 1. “I wasn’t in church during the time that these statements | Read More »

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    An open letter to folks in New York and Hollywood.

    If you wore a Ronald Reagan t-shirt around town, would your friends and the people you work with think it was cool? What about a Sarah Palin t-shirt? What if you donned one of those before you headed out to work? Would the folks milling around the water cooler or the craft service table give you a wink and a big thumbs up? Not so | Read More »

    The First American Idol President

    Unlikely, inexperienced, but nice-looking guy from obscurity steps up to the microphone, belts out a soulful a cappella rendition of something from the ‘60s, and the female judge melts. The black guy bobs his head with the tune and smiles. Even the caustic and pompous Brit is charmed and instantly hailing the contestant as one of the few yanks who actually gets it. And while | Read More »

    A liberal love letter

    I read an article today in the San Francisco Chronicle. It was written by a featherbrain named Mark Morford. Actually, it’s a love letter about Obama. And it is astonishing. Really. This guy needs a drool bucket. He is the perfect example of an unthinking, liberal worker bee who can’t see what’s happening to his retirement account or his country because, well, love is blind. | Read More »

    Un-American Idol

    Somebody told me American Idol wasn’t going to be on last night. But when I turned on the TV, there it was. I only saw one performance. The guy on stage was an impressive baritone. Very smooth voice. Perfect pitch at all times. He really worked the cameras. And the crowd absolutely ate it up. The more idealistic ones, anyway (you know how some people | Read More »

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    Signs of taxpayer revolution

    It’s amazing how things have changed in this country. We have a Marxist in the White House. And the protestors in the streets are normal, taxpaying patriots (instead of the usual grab bag of stringy-haired leftist whack jobs). Big Media won’t report it. But Michelle Malkin will. People in Denver, Mesa, Seattle, and elsewhere are fuming over Obama’s big government attack on achievers. These informed | Read More »

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    It’s like talking to a brick wall.

    Yesterday, I had a conversation with a friend of mine. Good person. Smart person. But also an Obamabot. Unfortunately, I think the conversation was a very typical one you’d hear between a conservative and a liberal. Rather than explain to you just how maddening the conversation was, I’ll do my best to recreate it. Here goes: Me: Did you hear what’s happening in California? Obamabot: No. What? | Read More »

    Wow. I thought I was angry.

    I was driving down Central Expressway in Dallas the other day when something caught my eye. It was a pickup truck in the center lane going about 20 mph slower than everyone else. The guy behind the wheel looked normal (then again, so did Jeffrey Dahmer). Written on the back windows of the truck in large letters was this: 21ST CENTURY SLAVERY IQ92 GOD D@#*M | Read More »

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