Obama: “Change” > Second Term

    In this Diane Sawyer interview Obama seems to be telegraphing what a lot of us already figured: His commitment to the socialist transformation of America is such that he’s willing to sacrifice his own chances of re-election over it. Indeed, Comrade Obama ain’t turnin’ right. Why would he? Turning right wasn’t the mission. Moderating would leave him without any purpose in office. If the bombing | Read More »

    Sorry, Charlie: Vitter Polls Above 50%, Crushing Melancon With 18-Point Margin

    I am not even slightly surprised. Charlie Cook has had this race as “Lean Republican” for quite a while, but once again he is being led astray by his own wishful thinking. I had always been confident that Vitter would win comfortably, but lately I’ve become convinced that Melancon could save himself and his party a lot of time and money by simply dropping out | Read More »

    Once and For All: Senators Cannot Be Recalled.

    Recently there’s been some talk, here and elsewhere, about a burgeoning campaign to recall Mary Landrieu (D-Storyville). Anger against Sister Senator Mary (a little Moon Griffon lingo, there) was already palpable here in Louisiana, and fueled further by the recent revelation that, in addition to that 300 million bucks, her health-care vote was sold in exchange for a promise to make her little brother the | Read More »

    Universal Voter Registration: The Death Knell of Free Elections

    For a year now, a dark, often unspoken caveat has been lurking in the backgrounds of our minds when the discussion has turned to the prospect of Republican gains in the 2010 elections. Some have dared speak it aloud: “Yes, the Democrats are going to be swept away in ’10 — if we still have free elections by then.” The integrity of the democratic process | Read More »

    What’s the Matter With Florida?

    Okay, not all of it, as there are many fine parts of the Sunshine State, but what I’m specifically wondering is, what’s the matter with Florida District 8? I ask upon reading the news that state Senator Dan Webster, touted as a top candidate to get into the race against unhinged nutbag Alan Grayson, has opted not to make the race. Frustratingly, he’s only the | Read More »

    Charles Boustany is my congressman…

    …so I was proud to see him giving the Republican response last night. His remarks were brief, competent, and unremarkable — in other words, they were exactly like every Republican response I’ve ever seen given to any Democrat address. There’s something about the format — short, prepackaged, artificial — that sucks the life and energy out of even the best speakers. No one will ever | Read More »