Holding Leviathan by the Tail: A Story of Republicans and Same-Sex “Marriage”

    How do people who claim to fear Leviathan think you can put a tether on him just one more time and then drop him back in the sea? This is a question that should, but apparently does not, occur to the signatories of a now-infamous amicus curiae brief submitted to the Supreme Court. Hundreds of nominally-conservative or –libertarian political consultants, campaign buffoons, and political activists | Read More »

    The Friend of My Enemy is My Enemy.

    The Friend of My Enemy is My Enemy.

    The Republican Party was founded on the principle that all human beings are possessed of inherent dignity. In some manner or another, for one hundred and fifty years and more, the Democrat Party has denied this fundamental truth, turning to one group after another to demean, dehumanize, and when possible, simply kill. There is a straight line from the men who went to the bloodiest | Read More »

    Vladimir Putin Does Not Show Weakness by Beating Everyone (Including Us)

    Vladimir Putin has set the terms for the world’s conversation in Ukraine because he intrinsically understands something that the group of nimrods running Western foreign policy do not: In real life, away from conferences and meetings and important lunches, foreign affairs is a series of matches of relative strength brought to bear in each conflict.

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    You Seek to Dragoon Me Into Violating My Conscience.

    We are once again having one of those great debates that in modern politics skips right past any sort of compromise and has the views of elite lawyers cast into law by our courts. I am not speaking of gay marriage; the Roberts Court signaled where that’s going. I instead mean whether Christian merchants can be coerced by act of law into providing services for | Read More »

    Why the Immigration Bill is Doomed to Succeed

    This is basically the way in which Republicans have approached immigration for nearly three decades: when the rubes are listening it’s secure the border and our laws must be obeyed. When money talks, it’s the rules are for suckers.

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    They are Our Tools. Not Our Friends.

    The Senate will likely soon pass an immigration bill that is neither very good if you favor increased legal immigration, decreased legal immigration, decreased illegal immigration, decreased government interference in private business, nor if we are to be honest anything that anyone who is not a Senator would ever describe as a solution to our long-standing immigration experience/problem/catastrophe/your noun here. As a friend of this | Read More »

    Gay Marriage: About the Children Whether We Like It or Not

    Two of the more interesting (where “interesting” is a euphemism for “horrifying”) aspects of the debate over gay “marriage” are inexorably intertwined: the decision by the movement’s backers to pretend that there is no strong connection between marriage and children (this is overwhelmingly done by those who do not have children) and a separate but related track to “get government out of marriage,” which is | Read More »

    It is Time for Some Honesty.

    In a turn of events that should be a surprise only if you’ve never heard of Mitch McConnell before, the Senate — with one heck of a lot of Senate Republicans, including nominal conservatives, agreeing — just decided to hike taxes on small businesses and skip any spending cuts of any kind, and over a third of the Republican caucus including the Speaker agreed. Indeed, | Read More »

    I Am Down on John Roberts.

    [promoted from the diaries] I’m taking time from reading the opinion (which itself represents taking time from billing clients), so this will be a quickie. I’m not trying to gainsay Erick at length here (though concededly the title is a provocation), but I do want to get this out. We do not choose justices, on our side, because of policy results; we choose them for | Read More »

    For the Love of God, Make It Stop.

    My father and uncles used to tell me a story of their time growing up in rural Louisiana (this is when that was simplified as “Louisiana”) that I feel is particularly appropriate for this primary season. Back then, there was no Bob Barker, just people who’d dump unwanted animals along or in the bayou when they grew tired of them. (This phenomenon led to the | Read More »