Please check out Rev. Michel Faulkner (Republican) p.s. he’s running against Charlie Rangel this fall!

    As I was reading through my favorite sites today, I came across the very compelling story of the Rev. Michel Faulkner.  He is running against Charlie Rangel this fall, and something tells me that he may just have the right stuff to knock Prince Charlie right off his throne and into retirement either in the Dominican Republic or in a more appropriate jail cell. His | Read More »

    Do the Democrats have an upper limit?

    Do the Democrats have an upper limit?  If they go with the Slaughter solution now and are successful, is there any whim or future utopian power fancy that they won’t feel free to pursue?  Will there be enough of us to stand before the shattering gates of our Republic’s battlements to repair the damage and counterstrike with extreme prejudice when the liberal deluge temporarily flames out?  These questions keep | Read More »

    After 5:00 Rallies (or fighting fire with fire)

    One thing that has become abundantly clear to this hard working American conservative is that the public loves the theatrics of a good protest.  This method works to bring “real change”, just ask el Senator McCain.  While it’s true that we who actually get up in the morning, slam down some coffee, kiss the spouse and willingly head out the door to make the widgets | Read More »

    I like Bluegrass banjo music.

    Who cares, and what’s this all about?  What does a personal affinity for banjo and fiddle hick music have to do with anything RedState stands for or deems appropriate topic-wise you ask?  PLENTY! You see, I plan to be a thorn in the backside of every Rock and Roll, R & B, Hip Hop and Rap station in my area after they implement the localism | Read More »

    Senator Stabenow’s Theme Song

    She’s had nothing but bad luck, since her hubby went out cattin’ with whores. So she went on with Bill de Press man to take out all her frustrations there. She laid it all on the table, she’ll take us back to the past. She’s but a cow in his roving eyes, so she’s going to see our free speech rights smashed!   She’s just | Read More »

    An open letter to Michael Steele

    First sir, congratulations on your winning the chairmanship of our R N C.  I’m excited to see our party led by someone who doesn’t mind ruffling feathers to do what needs to be done.  I’ve seen you mix it up when you’ve sat in for Hannity before.  This skill will do you well on the hard road ahead of us.   Now, a bit of | Read More »

    The President who cried wolf

    Hope and change won the day on eleven and four. Hope and change oft were spoken by Prez Forty Four. And the masses, they bought it, hook, line, and sinker, that the seas would recede once arrived this great thinker. But the bloom it has fallen off most rosy cheeks, and the fainting has stopped now whenever he speaks. Seas will recede but recession will | Read More »

    Senate Strategy: Pressure the red state Ds

    In my historical understanding of the fall of the Western Roman Empire, the last emperor Romulus Augustus was deposed by the barbarian Odoacer in 476 because of some very specific reasons.  While lead poisoning and moral depravity no doubt contributed, the main factor was prima facie.  The Romans had invited too many barbarians into their lands. While this analogy isn’t perfect by any stretch, the | Read More »


    The Charge of the Meekpublicans

    Lib-Lite Sheep, Lib-Lite Sheep, Lib-Lite Sheep with (R) words, back to the Fever Swamp in fear, slink the Meekpublicans. Sound off bi-partisans! Kid glove the libs they peep. Back to the Fever Swamp in fear, slink the Meekpublicans.   Sound off bi-partisans! Are all but few afraid? Scared though old Dutch showed how, see, the R Senate spilled the beans, they’ll not make harsh replies, | Read More »

    When we ad lib conservatism, we add libs to government.

    Pray for America. Pray for Israel. That’s all I have to say.