42 years old. ... Living in Illinois (yeah, I know) Father of five kids, and been a Conservative all of my life.


    Just My Opinion, that’s all.

    It’s been a tough couple of years for me, since the last election.  My view of this country, it’s voters, and it’s political process took a beating, and since then, hasn’t improved.  I have watched every scandal unfold over the last couple of years under things administration, and with each and every new revelation, I think: When is someone going to do something? I mean, | Read More »

    Election Year Craziness

    As we come down to the wire in this election season. I have noticed something, and perhaps you have too: Conspiracy theorists on both sides of this fracas have been working overtime. Never in my life have I ever seen such a level of goofiness. On one hand, it’s entertaining, and yet, on another, it makes me wonder just what is going on in this | Read More »

    Making the Impossible seem inevitable.

    “Yes, America has a way of making the impossible seem inevitable in retrospect. But of course it has never been inevitable – it has taken leadership, courage and an unwavering faith in our values.” As I watched Condeleeza Rice last night, that line stuck in my mind.  In fact, I kept thinking about it while I was working last night, and then catching up on | Read More »

    The Missouri Saga Continues (Akin’s Woes)

    “Gaffe”  A word heard quite often, especially during a Presidential campaign. Sometimes, after long days and weeks on the road, candidates say something silly.  Other times, their true colors are revealed, and then sometimes, they speak, and say something that manages to make people angry, and make headlines. Example: Todd Akin. Todd Akin was asked, during an interview with KTVI-TV, asked Mr. Akin about “abortion | Read More »

    Missouri Mis-Step(right into it)

    “Watch your mouth” Words that my father and mother always used to speak (or shout) when one of us kids’ vocabulary wandered into “off color” territory. “Think before you speak.” Words of wisdom, to guard against putting one’s foot in one’s mouth….. Those words should also apply to political candidates. Todd Akin should have, this past weekend, at least ordered his thoughts before speaking.  His | Read More »

    Gun Control: Is there such a thing as reasonable.

    Gun Control. When you get right down to it, it is an argument that is probably never going to end. Before I get into it. I am pro gun, and I am pro 2nd Amendment.  If I had the money, I would probably own some firearms. A good friend of mine has a pair of M1 Garands that I covet…(The WWII historian in me….) Whenever | Read More »

    Chicken, and Free Speech.

    The whole “Chick-Fil-A” thing this past twenty four hours was not about gay marriage, contrary to what some want to believe, or some would want you to believe. It was about Freedom of Speech. In it’s simplest form, that’s what it was about. It was about showing support for the one right we have that probably matters the most.  The right to express an opinion | Read More »

    Energy, and Environment.

    The environment. A subject sure to inflame passions just as much as politics or religion these days. In some ways, however, it is intertwined with both, because, for some, the Environment is a religion… The left wants to rid us of fossil fuels, nuclear power, and any other form of energy that they don’t deem as being “green”.  The right wants oil independence, developing energy | Read More »

    Left wing Confidence, or is it Certainty?

    Gas is 4.72 gallon at the station down the street. The economy is still a mess The country is on the brink of God only knows what, And yet, Mr. Obama still garners 50% of the vote in just about any poll you hear about.  He is confident beyond anything I have seen in any other President.  His supporters (I live in Chicago, a bastion | Read More »

    This is what happens when America votes.

    <!– @page { margin: 0.79in } P { margin-bottom: 0.08in } –> The Left doesn’t get it. Last Tuesday, and election of historical proportions had taken place in this country, serving notice on the Obama Administration that we, as a people, are sick and tired of a government run amuck. But, they aren’t listening. Playing down the results with condescending statements, such as “voter anger” | Read More »