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    Bone of my bone, Flesh of my flesh

    The sun is setting and she is walking towards me. My eyes can’t decide which is more Beautiful the site of the sunset or of her. Your heart is bounding in your chest you cant believe the gift that God has given you. The silhouette of her against the back drop of a sunset and the shimmer of the water is just as much as | Read More »

    Barry, Would you please come live in Maine.

    They passed a new law in Maine and it goes like this, When you go to renew your license you have to bring a birth certificate to show that you were born. I have talked to people all the way in to there 80’s on this subject and the other day a guy stopped me and asked me for directions to the post office and | Read More »

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    They Call Themselves The Fighting Irish!

    This is a repost for Dr Keyes. I have been watching the fighting Irish my whole life. The only collage football, I will watch on TV accept the Army,Navy game that has a great tradition. I thought the fighting Irish had a great tradition, But I was mistaken. It is sad to say that. The fighting Irish is as much a part of me as | Read More »

    The Whack Jobs Are At It Again!

    I belong to a State that is now a proud member of the Same Sex Marriage Club and the whack jobs are at it again. Some people in town or should I say, Two whack jobs are at it trying to get a no idling law past in the lovely town of Kennebunk. The last town meeting it was in the paper about these two | Read More »

    The Governor Was Afraid To Come Out Of The Closet!

    The Right Side Of Kennebunk. Today was a day of thrills, Couldn’t get enough of people and they couldn’t get enough of me. They where trying to take bites out of me like I was a pork chop. So I figure I would take a bite out of them and I did. I live in a town that lets just say everybody knows who I | Read More »

    The Union Between A Man And A Woman

    Today the Maine state house voted to pass the same sex marriage bill robbing the Maine people of the blessings that God has for them, Throw the union of a Man and a Woman. They don’t care about you, They only care about money and power. They could careless that doing the right thing has consequences not knowing that doing the wrong thing has consequences | Read More »

    Open Invite

    I have started a Conservative Star Trek web site and I am looking for people to join that can better express the Klingon in you. People who dare to reach out to a new crowd of people. People with a Spirit of Advanture and Humor in there hearts. Let sing songs of the empire and get drunk on blood wine. I hope you are one | Read More »

    Who Says You Cant Be Transported!

    I have been watching Star Trek almost my whole life, I use to get out of school and run home so I could watch it. I would have to go outside and keep turning the antenna to until it would come in. The only station that had it on was channel nine in New Hampshire. Run outside, Twist it a little, Run back in and | Read More »

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    The Swine Flue Has Come To Kennebunk!

    With all of the news about swine flue I have just been wanting for it to hit Kennebunk. Well it happened a little faster then I thought and not in the way I thought it would. We have a lot of people in town that live here and work in New York. I figured that if where going to get it, It would come from | Read More »

    Thee Assimilation Of Arlen Specter!

    Star Date 4292009 A Federation News Flash! The Democratic Collective have assimilated Rino Senator Arlen Specter from the planet Pennsylvania not to be confused with the planet Transylvania, Where a species of blood sucking aliens live. As the Federation watched in amusement, Press conference after press conference, News cycle after news cycle talking about the assimilation of the Senator Arlen Specter. Harry “The Borg” Reid | Read More »