Socially Conservative Film Shapes GOP Presidential Race for 2012

    Those of us on conservative right are refusing to rest on the laurels of the 2010 election results, and already some have a plan to drive the dialogue as the presidential primary season begins.  A group of Christian conservatives and film-industry professionals will be bringing social issues to the forefront of the GOP’s presidential nomination process by scheduling the red-carpet previews of their controversial film, The Genesis Code, smack | Read More »

    Compassionate Conservatism Comeback

    Smaller Government     For those who don’t remember, early in the 2000 presidential campaign there was a divide in the Republican party over the use of the term “compassionate conservative”.  For many in the party, the need for the distinction was quite obvious.  Conservatives were mean, unless they were the religious type, and that type were just extremists.  Perhaps you know the concept better | Read More »

    Mike Cox Come Clean

      My Letter To Attorney General Mike Cox The following is a copy of a letter sent to Attorney General Mike Cox. It is in response to the lack of response I have received from his office and other public servants when seeking information under the Freedom of Information Act. I grow tired of stalling tactics and invite others to join me in the search | Read More »