Grover Norquist LOSES it on the eve of “Adopt a Gay Conservative” gathering

Nothing brings out the crazy like being in Washington D.C. in the dead of winter for an annual gathering of Conservatives, Libertarians and Paul-Bots for CPAC every February.

The 2011 version got a lil heated early on when some conservative groups decided to withhold their money because the group GOProud decided to actually spend their money as a sponsor this year.

Doesn’t seem like a big deal right?

Well you would be wrong.

Almost immediately after the announcement by The Heritage Foundation, Family Research Council and Concerned Women for America that they were not going to sponsor CPAC, people who I consider dyed in the wool conservatives started complaining of how unfair this boycott of CPAC was to GOProud. All of the sudden, if you weren’t seen with a picture of you standing next to someone who was gay and conservative, or tweeting supportive things of GOProud, you might be a homophobe. Personally, I have always followed the same path as the modern day patron saint of conservatism Ronald Reagan, who’s position could be summed up as “Don’t Ask, Don’t Care!!”

I thought it had quieted down somewhat until Grover Norqusit stepped into the controversy.

In the Feb 7 edition of Roll Call this is what everyone’s favorite Grover had this to say…

Norquist, who has participated in CPAC for decades, dismissed the complaints.

“Loser people and loser organizations that haven’t done any work all year try to get headlines so they can whine about CPAC. They can get a little press. That happens all the time,” he said.

Geeeez that’s kinda harsh.

Being a conservative, I have always followed the rule that we didn’t really “boycott” like the libs do with signs and protests and blocking people from entering a building or shaking down a corporate board ala Jesse Jackson… we just didn’t spend our money in places we didn’t want to. That’s all these organizations have done, chose not to spend their money. If GOProud wants to spend their money with a sponsorship at CPAC, they should absolutely be allowed to. Also, if the other organizations decide NOT to spend their money at CPAC, that is fine too. If YOU don’t like what one or all of these organizations are doing, then don’t support them with your time or money.

However, make sure that in the mad rush to seem inclusive, you don’t trample on organizations that have been involved in the conservative movement for far longer by turning a blind eye to the tar and feathering of these same groups, as Erick Erikson pointed out here on Red State yesterday.

In the end… it will only bite us all in the arse.

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