Computer crime, Aaron Swartz, and telling your boss no.

    In my career as a network administrator, I’ve been asked to break into three e-mail boxes of existing employees (entering into departed employees e-mail is routine and I’ve lost count of how many of those I’ve done). Twice I did so after verifying that it would be legal to do so, the third time, I regretfully told my bosses boss that company policies were so | Read More »

    21st Century Popular Oversight

    Imagine an America where every government put the information needed to oversee their operations out on the Internet, without having to be asked. Imagine that our own computers could talk to their computers, get the information, and massage, analyze, and check it for consistency before pouring all that into reports that you could pick up and scan quickly, grasping almost immediately whether things were moving | Read More »

    Obligatory introductions

    Hi, I’ve been reading Red State for years. I decided to add a diary here to my list of where I write. Behind a paywall, you can see my output as a contributing analyst for Wikistrat. Out in the open Internet you can see articles by me on ChicagoBoyz and my personal blog FLIT-TM. I’m currently working on a government oversight project called Citizen Intelligence. | Read More »