Only Gaywiches Can be Used to Raise Funds on Campus

    You remember the Chick-fil-A  dustup from a couple years ago, where  the CEO of the company publicly stated he was against same sex marriage?  Notice they don’t refuse service to gays or anything which might get them in trouble ala Jack Phillips, the Colorado baker who got in trouble for refusing to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple.  No, it was merely the CEO making his stand | Read More »

    Breaking: Kicking and Screaming. Obama Holds off on Amnesty Until After Elections.

    What the heck just happened?  President Obama made it clear he would take “executive action” and handle the issue of illegal immigration himself and he was going to do it by the end of summer.  Ok, that’s not going to happen.   “The reality the president has had to weigh is that we’re in the midst of the political season, and because of the Republicans’s extreme | Read More »

    Republican Senator Calls for A National Convention – Time to Bust the Gridlock

      Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn (R)  is retiring in a few months but he’s not backing out of politics. He’s going for the brass ring. According to info up at The Hill, he will push to change the Constitution, or at least a part of , to pull back some of the power that’s been heaped on the executive branch of government and return it to | Read More »

    Bacon! Bacon! Tasty Bacon!

    If you’re wondering what to have for lunch or dinner tonight may I suggest a BLT or a bacon cheeseburger and do it with pride and in protest.  Remember the huge lines outside Chick Fil-A regarding a political disagreement?  It’d be nice to have those same lines at the pork counter of the grocery store. Here’s your reason: A sign advertising bacon at the Sneakers Bistro in Vermont | Read More »

    Hey TENNESSEE! Jump on the tailgate..let’s talk election. Updated

    As to personal preferences – I would have liked nothing better than to see Lamar Alexander get his comeuppance.  Who is Alexander, you ask?  Good question. If you have lived in TN for the last decade or more you may not know it, but he is a Senator  You may not know it because he has not kept in touch with you. This is true especially if you | Read More »

    Where Is The So Called Compassion From Other Countries?

    If there’s one thing this border crisis has taught some people its that you can have too much of a good thing.  In this case immigration. Immigration is a good thing. It is what this country was built on. At first everyone could come.  And, over time, to keep track of everyone we developed laws. Obviously, no one is paying attention to those laws, which is how we got into | Read More »

    A Letter to a Faraway Parent

    Dear Parent of Unaccompanied Minor From Honduras/El Salvador/Guatemala, I want to start off by saying you have a beautiful child and our hearts went out to him. When he made it to our country he was tired, hungry and scared.  But he was not lonely as he came with 50,000 others just like himself. Your child was one of the lucky ones. He made it here in one piece.  We did our | Read More »

    Sunlight May Have Finally Reached Mississippi

    Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants. And it may very well be that Mississippi is finally getting some to shine on the recent GOP Senate runoff race. True The Vote has been doing yeoman’s work to bring attention and evidence to light concerning possible voter fraud coming from the Magnolia state. Yesterday the voter’s rights organization filed a temporary restraining order against the Mississippi GOP to “…prevent further | Read More »

    Hysteria, Thy name is Woman

    Hysteria, Thy name is Woman

    “For at least two thousand years of European history until the late nineteenth century hysteria referred to a medical condition thought to be particular to women and caused by disturbances of the uterus” – wiki As the screeching over the SCOTUS ruling on the Hobby Lobby case reached a fever pitch, I thought to myself how women on the left were going into hysterics even though nothing | Read More »

    Fun at the Pump. New Tax Increase Proposal Unveiled Today.

    TN Sen. Bob Corker* along with D-Sen. Chris Murphy of Connecticut have brought forth a new proposal that would raise gas taxes by 12 cents over the next two years with the money going to the Highway Trust Fund. Corker explained the roads, bridges and railway system have to be fixed since we’re losing “millions of dollars of economic productivity”. So, how does one create a new tax , but still make | Read More »

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