Where Is The So Called Compassion From Other Countries?

    If there’s one thing this border crisis has taught some people its that you can have too much of a good thing.  In this case immigration. Immigration is a good thing. It is what this country was built on. At first everyone could come.  And, over time, to keep track of everyone we developed laws. Obviously, no one is paying attention to those laws, which is how we got into | Read More »

    A Letter to a Faraway Parent

    Dear Parent of Unaccompanied Minor From Honduras/El Salvador/Guatemala, I want to start off by saying you have a beautiful child and our hearts went out to him. When he made it to our country he was tired, hungry and scared.  But he was not lonely as he came with 50,000 others just like himself. Your child was one of the lucky ones. He made it here in one piece.  We did our | Read More »

    Sunlight May Have Finally Reached Mississippi

    Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants. And it may very well be that Mississippi is finally getting some to shine on the recent GOP Senate runoff race. True The Vote has been doing yeoman’s work to bring attention and evidence to light concerning possible voter fraud coming from the Magnolia state. Yesterday the voter’s rights organization filed a temporary restraining order against the Mississippi GOP to “…prevent further | Read More »

    Hysteria, Thy name is Woman

    Hysteria, Thy name is Woman

    “For at least two thousand years of European history until the late nineteenth century hysteria referred to a medical condition thought to be particular to women and caused by disturbances of the uterus” – wiki As the screeching over the SCOTUS ruling on the Hobby Lobby case reached a fever pitch, I thought to myself how women on the left were going into hysterics even though nothing | Read More »

    Fun at the Pump. New Tax Increase Proposal Unveiled Today.

    TN Sen. Bob Corker* along with D-Sen. Chris Murphy of Connecticut have brought forth a new proposal that would raise gas taxes by 12 cents over the next two years with the money going to the Highway Trust Fund. Corker explained the roads, bridges and railway system have to be fixed since we’re losing “millions of dollars of economic productivity”. So, how does one create a new tax , but still make | Read More »

    Forget picking a candidate. Let’s argue some of the issues.

    There’s been several diaries written on who you feel the GOP presidential candidate should be, mostly falling in line with the NRC’s list. But since the election is so far out and we don’t know (cough) who the establishment has picked out for us this year, perhaps we can pick our issues and determine how we fit when they do unveil their choice for us.  So here’s some | Read More »

    Cockfighting. (might as well get this over with)

    Matt Bevin recently did what any normal candidate would do. He noticed a large group of people and after being spotted someone asked if he’d speak to the group.  Sure! After all, he’s running for office and this is not an opportunity a pol can pass up. Turns out the 700 people he spoke to had gathered for a pro-cockfighting rally.  When asked about his appearance | Read More »

    What am I missing on Voter Registration and other election laws?

    Someone please logically explain to me how voting laws are partisan.  Because honestly I’m just not seeing it.  An article in the New York Times titled ” New GOP Bid to Limit Voting in Swing States” essentially attempts to make an argument that voting regs somehow undercut a Democrat’s right to vote. The article focuses on several areas:  a) reduction in early voting days; b) ID voter laws; | Read More »

    FreedomWorks ditches Mitch. Switches Support to Sasse

    If what is taking place in Nebraska is a harbinger of things to come, this is going to be a very interesting election year. In Nebraska, Midland University President Ben Sasse and state Treasurer Shane Osborn are both vying for a Senate seat. Both candidates have their share of supporters and endorsements.  In fact, one of the major endorsements Osborn snagged was that of  the well | Read More »

    If At First You Don’t Succeed* (Obamacare deadline slides to Mid-Aprilish)

    Not really a surprise, but the news was dumped late Tuesday. The original (latest) deadline to sign up for Obamacare was to be March 31st. Just go to the now wonderfully working site, get your free money to help pay for your health insurance, sign up and then don’t worry, be happy. Of course, that’s what they told everyone at the end of December  when the previous deadline | Read More »

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