Water Cooler 5/2/16 OPEN THREAD – Ohio seeks its governor, Indiana is not the end, Cruising for cigars

     One more time, with feeling Perhaps you saw several stories this week proclaiming Indiana to be Ted Cruz’s firewall. Not so, say’s Cruz. The Hill says Chris Wallace asked him about it and Cruz gave the same answer he’s given for many months now: “If you don’t win in Indiana under these circumstances, is this race over?” asked “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace. “Of course not,” | Read More »

    Water Cooler 4/25/16 OPEN THREAD – Kasich tells Indiana voters they should go ahead and vote for him

     Kasich tells Indiana voters to go ahead and vote for him anyway. That whole deal going down between Ted Cruz and John Kasich concerning votes in Indiana, Oregon and New Mexico is not as cut and dried as everyone thinks it is. At least from Kasich’s point of view. The Governor tells The Hill voters in Indiana who want to vote for him should do so. “I’ve never told them not | Read More »

    Water Cooler 4/11/16 OPEN THREAD – Cruz Takes a Swipe at Drudge, Millions leave GOP?

          Kobach takes some credit: Word is Jeff Sessions wasn’t the only person to help Donald Trump with his illegal immigration plan. Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach now says he, too, added important parts including how to pay for the wall bordering the US and Mexico. The Trump plan involves Mexico paying for the wall or else the US would “cut off the | Read More »

    Winners & Losers Wisconsin Edition

    You already know the main winners and losers of yesterday’s Wisconsin primary. Here are a few that got overlooked. Losers Ann Coulter Headline does injustice to the analytical depth of this podcast: “Ann Coulter to Milo: The GOP Is Full of ‘Pussies’” — Ann Coulter (@AnnCoulter) April 6, 2016   Corey Lewandowski – Donald Trump Campaign Manager “The battery charge Lewandowski is faced with is | Read More »

    Water Cooler 3/24/16 OPEN THREAD – Trump on ISIS vid, Poli-coffee, Rubio at Convention

    Trump shows up in ISIS vid ISIS has out a new video in relation to the suicide bombings this week in Brussels.  Newsweek says in addition to showing the aftermath of the bombings it”…also features images of U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve.”  And it’s not just a picture of Trump: “It uses a recent audio clip of Trump’s comments in response to the | Read More »

    Thousands of votes in Arizona probably won’t be counted

    This is not complicated, but it’s getting overlooked. Not everyone’s vote today in Arizona will be counted. Arizona is holding a Presidential Preference Election. Arizona Secretary of State Michele Reagan has told the public, repeatedly, only registered voters of participating, recognized political parties can cast their votes today.  That means Republican, Democrat or Green Party votes will be counted.  “Independent” is not a party. She’s told them here, and | Read More »

    Water Cooler 3/20/16 OPEN THREAD: Tweets stay at 140-Trump hurt worst, GOP’s schizo elite, Pot tax

    GOP welcomes/detests Trump: Donald Trump is set to meet with about two dozen of GOP elite tomorrow. WaPo says the gathering will be “off-the-record” but “several members of the House and Senate are expected to participate, plus a bevy of consultants and veteran power brokers”.  So, why are GOP bigwigs lending him an ear at a secret meeting? “…his allies hope[it] will improve his relationship with the congressional | Read More »

    Water Cooler 3/19/16 – OPEN THREAD Sheriff Joe & Trump, Shrunken heads, Registering refugees,

    States want to register refugees:  Two states are currently considering refugee registries. New York and South Carolina both have lawmakers looking into the feasibility of having registries: “Bills are being proposed in both states to require an ongoing registry of refugees who enter the U.S., according to the Associated Press. Under the South Carolina proposal, sponsors would be held liable for Iranian, Sudanese and Syrian refugees | Read More »

    Water Cooler 3/18/26 OPEN THREAD – Obama’s retirement raise, Romney picks Cruz, Quit picking on Click, Best TV shows

    Obama wants a retirement raise:  The Free Beacon says a report put out by the Congressional Research Service shows what the raise would like like: “…discusses the pensions and other federal benefits offered to former commanders-in-chief by way of the Former Presidents Act, specifies that Obama’s 2017 budget proposes a nearly 18 percent hike in appropriations for expenditures of former presidents.” Specifically the report noted: “The | Read More »

    Water Cooler 3/17/16 OPEN THREAD – Conservative wins OH-8 primary, Missouri’s delegates, Favorite westerns

    Ouch. That has to hurt: While we were focused Tuesday on the presidential primary, another battle was underway in Ohio’s 8th district for the seat once held by former speaker John Boehner. Boehner was ousted as speaker mainly through efforts of the conservative House Freedom Caucus. Politico reports in the primary to replace him, Warren Davidson came out on top. A newbie to politics, Davidson got help from the Club for Growth | Read More »

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